Dr Who on DVD, so far…

With The Reign of Terror coming out tomorrow, I thought now might be a good time to have a look at just where we are in Who’s journey from VHS onto DVD.

So if you’ve got a complete collection, as of tomorrow this is what it will look like!

Hartnell DVD January 2013
Troughton DVD January 2013
Pertwee DVD January 2013
Tom Baker DVD January 2013
Davison DVD January 2013b
Colin Baker DVD January 2013
McCoy DVD January 2013

all we’re waiting on now is The Tenth Planet, The Ice Warriors, The Mind of Evil & Terror of the Zygons…

With Mind & Zygons scheduled for release soon, that leaves the Cybermen and the Ice Warriors to battle it out for the distinction of being the final DVD release. I reckon the Cybs will win that one…


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2 responses to “Dr Who on DVD, so far…

  1. kiwi1963

    And Still waiting on the underwater menace announcement

    • whopix

      that`ll probably go on with The Ice Warriors I`d think… I hope they`re not planning an animated version that’s anything like Reign of Terror – that was crap!

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