2013 DVD Release Schedule

According to Doctor Who Dot TV

dr who on dvd 2013

Looking forward to Mind of Evil, Zygons and Ice Warriors – seems the latter has no animated reconstruction of the missing eps, which we hoped it would. But then, having watched Reign of Terror I can see why – the animation on that is shite and I totally agree with David Darlington in the latest DWM.

Shalka seems a curious choice to release on DVD. Maybe the rights to the online version are about to expire – it has been 10 years – and that`s why they`re releasing it…

But the big question is where is the recently recovered ep of The Underwater Menace? You would have thought it would have been put out with Ice Warriors but it doesn’t look like it, at least at the moment.

So they’re either saving the announcement til nearer the release date, or they`re planning to really rip us off this time and make us all buy Lost In Time – Special Edition!


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2 responses to “2013 DVD Release Schedule

  1. Perry Armstrong

    I’m not that upset about the lack of animated reconstructions for The Ice Warriors, as I thought the original mini-reconstruction for the VHS release worked superbly well (editing out some ‘six episode padding’ to boot!). Hopefully, this means more time/resources can be spent getting right the animated reconstruction fans really want to see – Tenth Planet 4.

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