The Tenth Planet – Animated!

Good News and Bad News.

The Good News is that, according to doctor who dot tv, the missing fourth episode of The Tenth Planet is to be animated. Hooray!

The Bad News is that they’re using the same crap animation as Reign of Terror. Boo!

tenth planet animated

The animation for Reign was bloody awful overall and really dreadful in places, a huge disappointment, especially since the clips we saw prior to the release looked really good. Clearly they were the best bits, the rest was terrible. I bought the DVD the same day as DWM457 and I wish I`d read David Darlington`s review first before I bought the bloody thing. If I`d known how bad it was I would have put it back and waited until I could get it on Amazon for a fiver!

When I got the DVD home I went straight to Episode Four. I lasted ten minutes before I switched it off…

Whilst it`s great news that the episode will be released in animated form, we can only hope that Planet Shitty have learned their lesson from the mistakes they made on Reign and do the episode, and the story, justice.

I did a Tenth Planet Fan Edit a while back which is still available to download. I`ll be updating this Edit when the DVD comes out, but whether I`ll include the animated footage is another question… let`s just hope and pray that Tenth Planet turns out better than Reign of Terror did!

Come back Cosgrove Hall, all is forgiven!


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