Tenth Planet Animation – soon!

According to doctor who news dot net, there’s going to be some animated Tenth Planet footage on the doctor who dot tv site this week. Reading between the lines, there’s also the possibility that The Ice Warriors will end up getting it’s two missing episodes animated too, with an announcement to be made soon. My guess is that they will be…

Dan Hall says that two eps max is all they can afford to animate at the moment, which means that we might be in line for DVD releases of :

The Crusade
The Underwater Menace
The Moonbase
The Ice Warriors

with their missing episodes animated.

Let`s just hope they turn out better than Reign of Terror!

hartnell regeneration animated


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3 responses to “Tenth Planet Animation – soon!

  1. craig sanwell

    Love your site. Great items, images and articles of interest. Disagree re: “Reign of Terror” animation though. I found it quite striking, atmospheric and the likenesses stunning! O.k. so some of the lip – sinc was a little… out of sinc… Other than that not a bad job i thought.

    • whopix

      Thanks for the kind words about the site, Craig. As for Reign, well each to their own. I`ll admit there were some moments that worked quite well, but overall I was really disappointed. But if you liked it, I`m glad for you!

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