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Bells of St John – Continuity Error!

when the Doctor comes out of the Tardis on his Anti-Gravity Bike, obv the doors are open, otherwise he wouldn`t be able to drive out would he…

tardis bike continuity error 1

…as Clara gets on the back of the bike it`s one continuous shot, with no cutaways, right up until she gets her own crash helmet and the Doctor gives the fez away…

tardis bike continuity error 2

but when they`re ready to drive off, the doors have magically closed themselves!

tardis bike continuity error 3

[perhaps it was that bird in the corner of this last shot – she`s looking very pleased with herself, as well a Featured Extra might on £60+ a day…]



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Sapphire Returns!

okay, totally Non-Who post [apart from the fact that it concerns the lovely Loanna Jumbley, who was in Curse of Fatal Death]

saw this pic of Loanna Jumbley in the upcoming Jonathan Creek

joanna lumley jonathan creek

..looking like an older version of Sapphire from Sapphire and Steel… and immediately felt compelled to go and do this…

sapphire joanna lumley 2013

sapphire joanna lumley 1978

see what I mean?

and as for her S&S co-star, well I reckon he would have made a good Fifth Doctor

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Dr Who in “The Amateur”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Amateur 1.1Dr Who Amateur 1.2Dr Who Amateur 2.1Dr Who Amateur 2.2Dr Who Amateur 3.1Dr Who Amateur 3.2Dr Who Amateur 4.1Dr Who Amateur 4.2Dr Who Amateur 5.1Dr Who Amateur 5.2Dr Who Amateur 6.1Dr Who Amateur 6.2Dr Who Amateur 7.1Dr Who Amateur 7.2

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BLOOPER! – The Curse of Peladon

Only spotted one blooper during the Fan Edit of this story, which I completed a couple of days ago…

you see that line above Pertwee`s head? That`s the studio lights catching the nylon thread attached to the door…

peladon curse blooper

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The Sun Makers Slip Up!

There`s a nice little continuity error at the start of The Sun Makers that you`ve probably missed…

In this shot, the Doctor has closed the Tardis door…

dr who sun makers continuity error 1

But in this shot, it`s open again…

dr who sun makers continuity error 2

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Doctor Who And The Recyclers #1

If you`re going to go to all the trouble and expense of making a specialist prop or costume, it makes economic sense to hang onto it and re-use it again in another show. Here are a few examples of how you can make your Classic Who budget stretch that little bit further…

Almost everyone know how the troopers` helmets from Earthshock were re-used in Trial of a Timelord…

dr who earthshock recycled prop
dr who trial recycled prop

But here`s one you may not have spotted –

in The Sun Makers, look at the thing the Doctor is resting his chessboard on.
Does it look familiar?

dr who sun makers recycled prop

It should, `cos it looks like he nicked it from the Sandminer in The Robots of Death as a souvenir!

dr who robots death recycled prop

But it`s not just props that can get recycled, it can be sets too, or at least parts of them. For instance, there`s this one door that turns up in three different Hartnell stories, one of them as part of the Tardis!

dr who sensorites recycled set

dr who rescue recycled set

dr who space museum recycled set

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BLOOPERS! – The Sun Makers

currently Fan Editing this story, my last Graham Williams one, and spotted the following bloopers…

First, here`s our old friend the console cable – on this occassion they haven`t even bothered to cover it up with white Gaffa Tape…

sun makers blooper 1.1
sun makers blooper 1.2

Next, here`s a cameo appearance by that other old stalwart, the boom mic shadow…
sun makers blooper 2

In part two, although you can`t see it terribly clearly in this screengrab, when the Doctor leaves Hade with the 1000 Talmars, look out for the boom mic shadow that crosses Hade`s desk…

sun makers blooper 8

At the start of part three, look out for the mysterious vanishing cable that`s only in this one shot…

sun makers blooper 3

Little Henry Woolf`s bald cap is pretty convincing throughout the show, until you see it from this angle…
sun makers blooper 4

Back to the Tardis for these last two – first, there`s that console cable again…
sun makers blooper 5

And finally, when they tilt the camera at the end, you can see the top of the set!
sun makers blooper 6

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