BLOOPERS! – The Rescue

Just finished Fan Editing this story, and guess what I found…!

Okay, Episode One and first up it`s our old friend the console cable…
rescue blooper 1

Ian gets a lovely boom mic shadow on his head…
rescue blooper 2

…and that camera`s a bit too close to Barbara!
rescue blooper 3

Is that a wig? Yes. Can you see the join? Yes
rescue blooper 4

Looks like Bennett got his Koquillion clobber on in a hurry – he`s forgot the feet…
rescue blooper 5

Vicki does a Jo and flashes her knickers at Barbara…
rescue blooper 6

On to Episode Two now, and here`s a double for you – look for the creased backcloth and the bloke helping “Sandy” with his tail…
rescue blooper 7

Another camera shadow on this Dido bloke`s arse…
rescue blooper 8

Somebody left a window open…
rescue blooper 9

This is a good `un – look at the far end of the Tardis set – that`s a camera, that is…
rescue blooper 10

I know Type Forties are de-commissioned and obsolete but I had no idea they were help together with staples…
rescue blooper 11

… not only that, the walls don`t meet! Mind the gap, Vicki!
rescue blooper 12


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