BLOOPERS! – The Sun Makers

currently Fan Editing this story, my last Graham Williams one, and spotted the following bloopers…

First, here`s our old friend the console cable – on this occassion they haven`t even bothered to cover it up with white Gaffa Tape…

sun makers blooper 1.1
sun makers blooper 1.2

Next, here`s a cameo appearance by that other old stalwart, the boom mic shadow…
sun makers blooper 2

In part two, although you can`t see it terribly clearly in this screengrab, when the Doctor leaves Hade with the 1000 Talmars, look out for the boom mic shadow that crosses Hade`s desk…

sun makers blooper 8

At the start of part three, look out for the mysterious vanishing cable that`s only in this one shot…

sun makers blooper 3

Little Henry Woolf`s bald cap is pretty convincing throughout the show, until you see it from this angle…
sun makers blooper 4

Back to the Tardis for these last two – first, there`s that console cable again…
sun makers blooper 5

And finally, when they tilt the camera at the end, you can see the top of the set!
sun makers blooper 6

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