Dr Who And The Recyclers #1

If you`re going to go to all the trouble and expense of making a specialist prop or costume, it makes economic sense to hang onto it and re-use it again in another show. Here are a few examples of how you can make your Classic Who budget stretch that little bit further…

Almost everyone know how the troopers` helmets from Earthshock were re-used in Trial of a Timelord…

dr who earthshock recycled prop
dr who trial recycled prop

But here`s one you may not have spotted –

in The Sun Makers, look at the thing the Doctor is resting his chessboard on.
Does it look familiar?

dr who sun makers recycled prop

It should, `cos it looks like he nicked it from the Sandminer in The Robots of Death as a souvenir!

dr who robots death recycled prop

But it`s not just props that can get recycled, it can be sets too, or at least parts of them. For instance, there`s this one door that turns up in three different Hartnell stories, one of them as part of the Tardis!

dr who sensorites recycled set

dr who rescue recycled set

dr who space museum recycled set


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One response to “Dr Who And The Recyclers #1

  1. kiwi1963

    There is a door used in the reign of terror as the entrance to the room where the doctor buys his new cloths, this door was reused in the Web of Fear seen behind the Doctor & Victoria when Jamie pushes over the dead man covered in cobweb

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