Bells of St John – Continuity Error!

when the Doctor comes out of the Tardis on his Anti-Gravity Bike, obv the doors are open, otherwise he wouldn`t be able to drive out would he…

tardis bike continuity error 1

…as Clara gets on the back of the bike it`s one continuous shot, with no cutaways, right up until she gets her own crash helmet and the Doctor gives the fez away…

tardis bike continuity error 2

but when they`re ready to drive off, the doors have magically closed themselves!

tardis bike continuity error 3

[perhaps it was that bird in the corner of this last shot – she`s looking very pleased with herself, as well a Featured Extra might on £60+ a day…]



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5 responses to “Bells of St John – Continuity Error!

  1. c’mon ! it’s the tardis!! 😉 It can travel anywhere in time and space. Don’t you think it can close the doors by it self? 😛

  2. The Doctor

    Yes actually the doors of the TARDIS are rather unique to the rest of the exterior. This is because the TARDIS has the most control over the doors, in some belief of mine, so as to not let the wrong people in. The Doctor even mentions out of anxiety to Amy that the lock is kinda loose and sorta has a mind of its own, to say. The TARDIS didn’t “like” Clara so it kept it’s doors locked even when she tried to get in. The TARDIS is a very mysterious thing but very easy to understand and love. So those doors being closed could actually mean that the TARDIS knew the Doctor was leaving so ‘pop’ she wanted them closed so as to let no one in. Agree? Disagree?

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