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Dr Who in “The Disintegrator”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Disintegrator 1.1Dr Who Disintegrator 1.2Dr Who Disintegrator 2.1Dr Who Disintegrator 2.2Dr Who Disintegrator 3.1Dr Who Disintegrator 3.2Dr Who Disintegrator 4.1Dr Who Disintegrator 4.2Dr Who Disintegrator 5.1Dr Who Disintegrator 5.2

NEXT TIME – “Is Anyone There?”


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Discontinuity – Hide

Did you spot the Discontinuity with the Doctor’s Bow Tie during the episode? No? Well…

so remember the bit where the Doctor is trapped in the scary woods and Matt Smith delivers his line “I am The Doctor… and I am afraid” …?

hide blooper 1

Then we get this when he`s looking around for the monster…

hide blooper 2

And then finally this, when he realises he wants a piggy-back to “our” universe…!

hide blooper 3

And if you look closely at the section after this where the Doctor is running, you can see the same thing happening again!

These things tend to happen when the Director doesn’t get enough coverage on location, for whatever reason, though it`s usually lack of time. But it’s still an avoidable cock-up that simply shouldn’t happen. Do they really think that we don’t notice these things?


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anybody else spot this flipped shot during the episode?
I bloody hate flipped shots…

dr who hide blooper

Why did they think they had to flip that one shot? All they had to do was flip the shot before it instead and then the whole sequence makes visual sense…

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A Sonic Lightsaber…?

…now why hasn’t anyone thought of that before!

doctor who fez lightsaber star wars

Obi-Wanki-Knob-Dok – The Jedi Doctor!

Oh if only…

Personally, I always thought the Jedi got roped in to give the Time Lords a hand against the Daleks during the Time War – now that`s a Mash Up I`d like to see: Jedi v Daleks!!!

via Blogtor Who… muchos grassy arse!

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