The Name of The Doctor…

…has been confirmed as the title of the finale episode of the current run, and the one that leads us into the Fiftieth Anniversary Special!

name doctor

Of course, intriguing as the title is, it`s a huge piece of misdirection on the part of Moffat, who must be chortling away to himself right now, knowing how many posts and threads this will generate on Gallifrey Base…

Whopix is actually pretty chilled about the whole thing.

One, I very much doubt we`ll get to find out what his name really is
Two, I don`t very much care what his name really is
Three, even if he told me what his name really was, I wouldn`t believe him.

Yeah I know what you`re going to say – River knows what his name really is. Yeah, that`s if we believe Ten was telling the truth…

Stand by for the internet to explode as the fanboys get their knickers in a twist over this one…

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