Discontinuity – Hide

Did you spot the Discontinuity with the Doctor’s Bow Tie during the episode? No? Well…

so remember the bit where the Doctor is trapped in the scary woods and Matt Smith delivers his line “I am The Doctor… and I am afraid” …?

hide blooper 1

Then we get this when he`s looking around for the monster…

hide blooper 2

And then finally this, when he realises he wants a piggy-back to “our” universe…!

hide blooper 3

And if you look closely at the section after this where the Doctor is running, you can see the same thing happening again!

These things tend to happen when the Director doesn’t get enough coverage on location, for whatever reason, though it`s usually lack of time. But it’s still an avoidable cock-up that simply shouldn’t happen. Do they really think that we don’t notice these things?



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2 responses to “Discontinuity – Hide

  1. Jeff T

    ha. Think of all the fun we had with jackets and watches in Time of Angels..

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