Journey to the Centre of the Tardis…

This was the ep that I was probably looking forward to more than any other and it`s currently my fave of all the ones we`ve had so far. Mind you, that wouldn’t be hard would it…

A modern-day version of Edge of Destruction, what was not to like about this story, one that I think worked even if you weren’t a fanboy.

Okay, maybe Huey, Dewey and Louie, the three intergalactic Steptoes. Personally I would have preferred the blokes from Junkyard Demon

Loved the trip through the Tardis with Clara discovering the various different rooms, such as the Library…

journey tardis library

…some sort of store room with the Doctor`s Crib from Good Man Goes To War..

journey tardis doctor`s crib

…and one of Amy Pond`s Tardis models…

journey tardis amy pond model

…the Swimming Pool and a telescope that put me in mind of the one from Tooth and Claw

journey tardis telescope

I`m usually highly ambivalent about moments like these, where Moffat is channeling JNT, but I even enjoyed the completely self-indulgent piece of continuity of all those old sound clips when the console got opened up, although surely they could have found a better Eccles one than Genghis bloody Khan…

Also liked how they took the time to reference the TV Movie so that, yes, the Eye of Harmony IS inside the Tardis, and not underneath the Panopticon, though quite when that happened during the Seventh Doctor`s tenure is unclear…

journey tardis eye of harmony


Good to see Strax, Vastra and Jenny back next week.

And is it just me, or does The Crimson Horror look like a remake of House of Wax? What a pity Vincent Price is no longer with us…

Satisfaction Level for this Episode? – 98%
Frustration Level for this Episode? – 0.5%
Anticipation Level for Next Episode? – 80%


dr who journey tardis

dr who bells st john

dr who hide

dr who cold war

dr who rings akhaten

#1 – Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
#2 – The Bells of Saint John
#3 – Hide
#4 – Cold War
#8 – The Rings of Akhaten


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2 responses to “Journey to the Centre of the Tardis…

  1. Tom

    That’s really interesting. Personally Journey was the weakest of this half so far for me and only ahead of The Doctor; the Widow and the Wardrobe and Power of Three overall for Series 7. I just didn’t think it worked and despite amazing sets and great performances from Matt and Jenna it was dragged down by the brothers and their subplots. I didn’t think it was bad, just not great. Doesn’t seem to be a real stand out favourite of the series in the same way The Doctor’s Wife was last series for most with many different people listing different number 1s, it’s either a statement of the quality for people like me who think this run has been fantastic or a statement of the fact there’s been no dizzying heights reached in Series 7 for others. :)

  2. Tolkien and Asimov wrote that good fantasy writing required inner consistency. You can see plenty examples of bad scifi story telling. The writers and producers visibly just don’t care and throw stuff up because they think it looks cool and the brainless people watching will like it. This episode worries me. There was the ultimate cool stuff for a Whovian thrown up, yet the huge inconsistency of the big friendly reset button on the Doctor’s own time line, and various other disconcerting things like the Doctor’s exit for the Tardis left unexplained, not to mention the Flash-like speed that he extricated himself and snuck up on the brothers. All looks very cool. No consistency. Easy to write.

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