The Naked Ice Warrior

thanks to Doctor Who Toys Dot Net, we now know that with the upcoming Cold War playset, we get our first glimpse of what they kept hidden in the shadows on TV, and with good reason… a naked Ice Warrior!

naked ice warrior


Pretty much confirms what I thought at the time, that the Ice Warriors ain’t nearly half as scary as they were now that we know that THIS is all that’s inside the armour.



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2 responses to “The Naked Ice Warrior

  1. Sean

    I’m a bit curious now – just what DID you think was going to be in that armor? Because I’ve gotta say – that’s about what I was expecting.

    • whopix

      Something as chunky as the armour. If it had been me, he could still have escaped his armour but we would never have seen him – those skinny arms coming down from the ceiling to grab that rating was not just comic but cringeworthy.

      All we needed to see was Skaldak removing his helmet and he should have been a prosthetic instead of CG.

      IMHO they blew it.

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