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Ratings Graph – Series 7

Here are the final ratings for series seven, parts one and two

dr who ratings series seven


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Dr Who in “The Magician”!

from the pages of TV Comic and for the last time…

Dr Who Magician 1.1Dr Who Magician 1.2Dr Who Magician 2.1Dr Who Magician 2.2Dr Who Magician 3.1Dr Who Magician 3.2Dr Who Magician 4.1Dr Who Magician 4.2Dr Who Magician 5.1Dr Who Magician 5.2Dr Who Magician 6.1Dr Who Magician 6.2Dr Who Magician 7.1Dr Who Magician 7.2

This concludes our trip through the Jon Pertwee Comic Strips as I don’t have the final three Pertwee stories – The Metal Eaters, Lords of the Ether & The Wanderers, which is a bit sad but I hope you`ve enjoyed seeing these strips again or for the very first time!

Question – should I move on to the Tom Baker strips next?


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Dr Who in “Size Control”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Size Control 1.1Dr Who Size Control 1.2Dr Who Size Control 2.1Dr Who Size Control 2.2Dr Who Size Control 3.1Dr Who Size Control 3.2Dr Who Size Control 4.1Dr Who Size Control 4.2Dr Who Size Control 5.1Dr Who Size Control 5.2Dr Who Size Control 6.1Dr Who Size Control 6.2Dr Who Size Control 7.1Dr Who Size Control 7.2

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Why Matt Smith is really the 13th Doctor…

Okay, after the revelation in “The Name of the Doctor” that the Ninth Doctor is really John Hurt and it was him that did for the Daleks and the Timelords in the Time War and not Eccles…

we have to re-think things a little.

First off, I reckon a Retcon on this scale is unprecedented and kudos to The Moff if he can really pull it off in November. So our list of Doctors, as we always knew it up until yesterday had Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. So far, so canonical.

However, if John Hurt is really the Ninth Doctor, the Forgotten Doctor, then that makes Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor the Tenth incarnation, which means in turn that David Tennant`s Tenth Doctor is really the Eleventh.

Which means that Matt Smith is now the Twelfth Doctor.

Or does it?

Let’s think about this for a minute…

David`s Doctor had a regeneration, in “The Stolen Earth”, which admittedly wasn’t completed, “Ten” storing the rest of the energy in his handy spare hand. But he still regenerated, which means, to my mind at least, that if he didn’t have his handy spare hand to hand, he would have changed [ presumably into Matt] at the end of that ep instead of End of Time Part 2.

So that means, the way I see it, that there are two incarnations of the Doctor that look exactly the same, that is, they both look like David Tennant.

So David Tennant is really the Eleventh AND Twelfth Doctors. A regeneration is a regeneration, it was still used up, only “Ten” didn`t change at the end of it, he just saved up the energy he din’t need ¬†after his body healed itself and didn’t change. But a regeneration was still triggered and one of the Doctor’s regenerations was used up, even though it didn’t result in a change in the Doctor`s appearance.

Which makes Matt Smith the Thirteenth Doctor, and, if you want to get all Classic Who Canon about it, The Last Doctor!

Think about it – when Clara was in the Doctor`s Timeline, just before Doctor Hurt turned up, she said she only saw Eleven Doctors and that Hurt was the only one she hadn’t seen.

That means that the Doctor who dies at Trenzalore is Doctor Matt, since Clara stepped into his entire timeline and didn’t see one future Doctor…

When the Doctor/Teselecta got shot on the beach in The Impossible Astronaut, he/it started to regenerate. Now that could have been just for effect, to convince River, Amy & Rory that he was dead since he got shot mid-regeneration… or it could mean that he does have other regenerations after all, if the Teselecta made an exact copy…

So when Matt does finally leave the show, I wonder what the explanation, if any, will be for the Fourteenth Doctor, because that`s who Matt`s succesor, whoever it is, will be…


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John Hurt IS The Doctor!

“What I did I did without choice… in the name of peace and sanity”

john hurt doctor who

Okay, so it looks like John Hurt is the “real” Ninth Doctor and fans all over the planet will have to amend their lists…

“The Doctor”

William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
John Hurt
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith

Quite aside from being quite possibly the biggest retcon in fiction ever, I think having a “forgotten” Doctor, one who betrayed his principles, for whatever reason, a “dark” Doctor if you like, is a brilliant idea, one that ranks only second to the concept of the Time War.

Of course, there will be some fanboys who will go into meltdown over this, which will no doubt please Moffat no end. As a hook to get the General Public watching in November it`s a bloody good one. And if ever there was a quality actor who could pull off that kind of character, it`s John Hurt . I think Eccles is off his head not coming back for the Special, which I predict will be called “The Forgotten Doctor”.

matt smith david tennant fiftioeth anniversary

[don’t they make a lovely couple? Can’t wait to see them together!]

I can hear the fan speculation for November starting already… and it`s in my head too!

Wondering just how much, if any, we’ll see of the Time War.
Davros v Doctor Hurt – how cool would that be!
Oh and I know The Master legged it to the End of the universe but Derek Jacobi facing off against John Hurt – squeee!
Will we get a regeneration? Either from McGann to Hurt or from Hurt to Eccles?

It could be total flashback overload come November but I doubt it will be, still fascinating to wonder how much we’ll see of it in the ep.

And how the hell does Totters Lane etc fit into all this?

And will David Bradley`s Tardis set make an appearance? God I hope so, how cool would that be, to see the original in colour in the show itself!

And speaking of colour, we’ve got to see Totters Lane, haven`t we?
I mean, if they’ve built the sets for the docudrama anyway… that just seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. And we know, from the location filming photos, that they filmed the entrance to the lane so…?

And only SIX MONTHS to go!


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Iron Man Cyberman

Had to be done…



iron man cyberman


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Dr Who in “Is Anyone There?”

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Anyone There 1.1Dr Who Anyone There 1.2Dr Who Anyone There 2.1Dr Who Anyone There 2.2Dr Who Anyone There 3.1Dr Who Anyone There 3.2Dr Who Anyone There 4.1Dr Who Anyone There 4.2Dr Who Anyone There 5.1Dr Who Anyone There 5.2Dr Who Anyone There 6.1Dr Who Anyone There 6.2Dr Who Anyone There 7.1Dr Who Anyone There 7.2Dr Who Anyone There 8.1Dr Who Anyone There 8.2Dr Who Anyone There 9.1Dr Who Anyone There 9.2Dr Who Anyone There 10.1Dr Who Anyone There 10.2

Next Time – “SIZE CONTROL”

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Billy meets Matt…

…by the brilliant Roger Langridge


doctorwho1963-2013 roger langridge

view this illo on Roger`s Website

It`s the cover illustration for this book

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