Two Doctors – that`s yer lot!

Quite aside from the intriguing sight of Fiftieth Anniversary filming including Totters Lane and Coal Hill School…

dr who anniversary totters lane

dr who anniversary coal hill school

[notice the two names at the bottom of the sign – I. Chesterton and W. Coburn!]

… fanboys will be getting their knickers in a twist all over again at the news – from DWM 460 – that David Tennant and Matt Smith are the only two Doctors in the Fiftieth Anniversary Special.

Hooray, I say. Since when has it been obligatory to include all Eleven Doctors? Look at the history of multi-Doctor stories, Big Finish have shown just how hard they are to do well and how easy they are to do badly.

I`m disappointed Eccles didn’t want to take part but I won`t miss The Old Guys one little bit. A “proper” version of Time Crash seems to be what we`re getting from The Moff and that’ll do for me.

Anyway, I reckon they’ll get cameos via the Tardis` Visual Voice Interface. And that`s as much as they need.

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