The Crimson Horror

By `eck! That were reet proper grand, that were.

Doctor `Ooh an` t` Crimson `Orror  were one o`t best episodes yet, tha` knows.  Areet, ah know summat audience – Babelcolour f`rintance – didn’t like it, but I did!

It was a story played very tongue in cheek and, as someone who`s a sucker for all that Sherlockian Victoriana, I was quite willing to overlook the improbability of Mrs G inventing a rocket in 1893 and nobody getting burnt to a crisp when it took off!

If Vastra, Jenny & Strax don’t get their own spin off then the very least The Moff can do is to keep bringing them back every single Christmas. Oh, and can I suggest now that, at one of those future Christmases they meet up with those nice ladies from Torchwood Cardiff? Thank you.

On the acting front, Di Rigg was good but Rachel Stirling knocked it out of the park. A great performance and she’ll probably get my vote for Best Actress, just ahead of her mother. I hope we haven’t seen the last of Abigail Gillyflower and I hope she either goes back to London with the Paternoster Gang or pops over to Cardiff to join those nice Torchwood Ladies!

Did anyone else notice that Diana Rigg was credited as Dame Diana Rigg, whereas Sir Ian McKellen was credited as Ian McKellen and Sir Derek Jacobi was credited as Derek Jacobi?

Thomas Thomas. Tom Tom. Seriously? Ha bloody ha…

Why did Strax change out of his butler`s uniform and into his old battle armour for no apparent reason?

I couldn’t help but smile when they pulled back the sheet in the morgue and we got our first glimpse of the dead bloke. Put me in mind of The Green Death – “But it`s just your sort of thing, Doctor. Chap`s bright red apparently. And dead!”

There were lots of “exploitation” themes going on here but was I the only one to think that maybe Gatiss was a bit heavy handed with the whole Mary Whitehouse bit? I know homosexuals are pretty down on the whole religion thing but as sly digs go it wasn’t particularly subtle…

What are the odds that the working title for this was “The Red Death”!

And the little red leech puppet made me smile too, though The Chestburster it wasn’t. And Mrs G`s reveal of the little fella was probably the scariest thing in the whole episode, but I wish he’d been attached to her brain instead of her chest…

Matt Smith`s Northern Accent were reet proper and the whole thing managed to stay just the right side of “Emmerdale with Aliens”.

And how bad was that coda? Sheesh, even The Sarah Jane Adventures never did anything as cringeworthy as that load of old bollocks. There had better be bloody good reason why the brats are onboard next week…

`cos next week it`s The CYBERMEN!

cybermen nightmare silveer

[notice the design nod to Tomb…]

And that were t` Crimson `Orror, vetnary.  Champion.







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