Thanks for nothing, YouTube

Got home today from Uni to find an email waiting for me from YouTube.

It seems that BBC Worldwide America have done a Babelcolour on me and deleted my very popular video “Let`s Do The Timelord Again!” which had the best part of twenty three and a half thousand views.

It seems the price of popularity is coming to the attention of the over-zealous copyright enforcers over the other side of the pond who only seems to have a problem with New Series material.

Yes, I fully realise that the video contains BBC copyright material.

As do hundreds, if not thousands of others.

But seriously, they put a popular clips compilation in the crosshairs when there are whole bloody episodes out there? FS…

YouTube is fast becoming more bloody trouble than it`s worth – if they removed all the copyright infringing material on their sight they`d have nothing left…

and to the 23,541 people who watched the video before it got deleted – thank you, I hope you liked it!

I still have the original on my Hard Drive…


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3 responses to “Thanks for nothing, YouTube

  1. Shadowst17

    I had this issue also, i made a fan made animation of the TARDIS exploding but due to having some shots of the ‘centre of the TARDIS’ episode to make it longer they removed it. Ended up putting it on Vimeo, due to a majority of people on vimeo being artists, vimeo tends to ignore posts ith copyright unless you decided to upload tv shows fully or movies.

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