Nightmare In Silver

Neil Gaiman`s second script for Who was never going to come anywhere near to the brilliance of The Doctor’s Wife but then nobody really expected it to.

Did he succeed in making the new “Iron Man” style Cybermen scary? Sort of. The constant upgrading is a nice idea only ever so slightly undermined by a Big Red Button that doubles as an “off” switch, provided you can get close enough to use it that is…

I thought the cybs were going to be using some sort of flesh-converting cyber virus – the circuitry stuff on Matt’s face was different depending on which publicity photos you looked at – but I didn’t see cybermites coming!

Some good scares and the usual internal duologue stuff was handled pretty well by Matt but the revelation that Porridge was the Emperor fell really flat and was a real “so fekking what?” moment

Overall, I quite liked this one for attempting to do for the Cybermen what Rob Shearman did for that Skaro lot eight years ago [bloody hell, has it been as long as that?] but I do have one major criticism…


I mean, okay, narratively we had the feeble bollocks about Cyberplanners but there was really no reason for the characters of the kids to be there, everything would still have happened just as it did without their presence, which makes you wonder why they were there in the first place…

Seriously, two more annoying little bastards you couldn’t find – was I the only one hoping the cybs would upgrade the bloody pair of them? Child actors are notorious for being I-want-to-punch-you-in-the-face annoying and these two were clearly the best that whatever stage school they found them in had to offer in that department. That said, the girl was worse than the boy, she was a real smug little smartarse – full of surprises she might be, Clara, but for me she’s full of something else entirely. Bloody kids. I mean didn’t they learn their lesson with that little ginger whinger in that Wardrobe bollocks a few Christmases back? FS…

That’s clearly where the title came from – Silver `cos the Cybs were in it and Nightmare `cos the brats were in it!

And we had yet another gratuitous continuity flashback moment, clearly gearing up for the Fiftieth just that little bit early, or maybe it’s to make up for the Old Guys not being in the Special…

silver nightmare hartnellsilver nightmare troughtonsilver nightmare pertweesilver nightmare tom bakersilver nightmare davisonsilver nightmare colin bakersilver nightmare mccoysilver nightmare mcgannsilver nightmare ecclestonsilver nightmare tennantsilver nightmare smith




Next up it`s the finale – The Name of the Doctor, which looks intriguing if nothing else. ..

I still don’t think we’ll really get to know his name but part of me is dreading the episode all the same just in case Moffat really blows it this time…


dr who crimson horror

dr who nightmare silver

dr who journey tardis

dr who bells st john

dr who hide

dr who cold war

dr who rings akhaten

#1 – The Crimson Horror
#2 – Nightmare In Silver
#3 – Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
#4 – The Bells of Saint John
#5 – Hide
#6 – Cold War
#8 – The Rings of Akhaten


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2 responses to “Nightmare In Silver

  1. I for one totally appreciate your no holds barred,blunt,direct opinions man and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is getting frustrated with the current run.

    • whopix

      Thanks for that, colmsdad. It just seems to me that Sherlock is taking up too much of Moffat`s attention, that’s the only reason I can think of for the surrent poor run of eps, making this the least engaging series so far. Either that or too much attention is being paid to the upcoming Anniversary. Either way, although the viewing figures and AI scores are holding up, the stories we’ve had this time out just aren’t on a par with previous years.

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