John Hurt IS The Doctor!

“What I did I did without choice… in the name of peace and sanity”

john hurt doctor who

Okay, so it looks like John Hurt is the “real” Ninth Doctor and fans all over the planet will have to amend their lists…

“The Doctor”

William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Jon Pertwee
Tom Baker
Peter Davison
Colin Baker
Sylvester McCoy
Paul McGann
John Hurt
Christopher Eccleston
David Tennant
Matt Smith

Quite aside from being quite possibly the biggest retcon in fiction ever, I think having a “forgotten” Doctor, one who betrayed his principles, for whatever reason, a “dark” Doctor if you like, is a brilliant idea, one that ranks only second to the concept of the Time War.

Of course, there will be some fanboys who will go into meltdown over this, which will no doubt please Moffat no end. As a hook to get the General Public watching in November it`s a bloody good one. And if ever there was a quality actor who could pull off that kind of character, it`s John Hurt . I think Eccles is off his head not coming back for the Special, which I predict will be called “The Forgotten Doctor”.

matt smith david tennant fiftioeth anniversary

[don’t they make a lovely couple? Can’t wait to see them together!]

I can hear the fan speculation for November starting already… and it`s in my head too!

Wondering just how much, if any, we’ll see of the Time War.
Davros v Doctor Hurt – how cool would that be!
Oh and I know The Master legged it to the End of the universe but Derek Jacobi facing off against John Hurt – squeee!
Will we get a regeneration? Either from McGann to Hurt or from Hurt to Eccles?

It could be total flashback overload come November but I doubt it will be, still fascinating to wonder how much we’ll see of it in the ep.

And how the hell does Totters Lane etc fit into all this?

And will David Bradley`s Tardis set make an appearance? God I hope so, how cool would that be, to see the original in colour in the show itself!

And speaking of colour, we’ve got to see Totters Lane, haven`t we?
I mean, if they’ve built the sets for the docudrama anyway… that just seems like too good an opportunity to pass up. And we know, from the location filming photos, that they filmed the entrance to the lane so…?

And only SIX MONTHS to go!


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17 responses to “John Hurt IS The Doctor!

  1. Sean

    I have a weird feeling he’s going to turn out to be the real *first* Doctor.

    In fact, I have an even worse weird feeling he’ll turn out to be the Other. Hope I’m wrong, though.

    • whopix

      Nah, there will be some time-y wime-y moffat-y explanation in November but I don`t think it`ll be that. That’s the sort of thing a Fan would come up with, and Moffat never writes for fans so I reckon it’ll be an explanation that makes sense without a backstory

  2. Intriguing ending and revelation, that’s for sure. And a lovely way into the 50th. I’m thinking Hurt is “A” Doctor, maybe “A” 9th Doctor. But maybe not “The” Doctor as such. Possibly McGann regenerated into Hurt, then Hurt did something terrible in the Time War. It has been established that the Time War did massive re-writes to history, wiping out whole civilisations from exitence, so maybe it rewrote this Doctor from history. In the re-written timeline, McGann then turned into Eccleston, leaving the Hurt Doctor as one of the “never-weres”. Maybe there are any number of alternate 9th doctors out there in parallel universes (the Shalka Doctor, the Atkinson Doctor etc) that were all created by the Time War.

    Oh no, I’ve just consigned a fan-theory to the internet. I’ve become the very thing I most feared…

  3. or McGann aged into Hurt, regenerates into Eccleston.

    • whopix

      nah, Hurt is the one in between McGann and Eccles I reckon

    • The reason, I think that is wrong is what Clara and the Doctor said at the end of the episode.

      “But I never saw that one. I saw all of you. 11 faces, all of them you.
      You’re the 11th Doctor.”

      Doctor: “I said he was me. I never said he was the Doctor.”

      Clara: “I don’t understand.”
      Doctor: “Look, my name, my real name – that is not the point.”

      “The name I chose is the Doctor.
      The name you choose, it’s like a promise you make. He’s the one who broke the promise.”

      So John Hurt is NOT the 8th Doctor’s older version. He is one of the Doctor’s body, but the Doctor doesn’t threat him as the Doctor as he broke the promise. What he did, was done In the name of peace and sanity, but not in the name of the Doctor. The Time War could be horrible.

      So we can still say Matt Smith is the 11th, but the 12th incarnation. At least, I believe in theory and I support it. John Hurt is between McGann and Eccleston.

  4. The Magician

    I can guarantee he is NOT the real 9th Doctor. He is either the first or the last. It would make sense for him to be the last considering he has made an action “not in the name of the Doctor.”

    • whopix

      Nah. He`s not the first – Clara says she was there at the very beginning when he left Gallifrey, so Hartnell is the first. And he can’t be the last because Clara said she saw all Eleven of his faces, which means the Doctor who dies at Trenzalore is Doctor Matt.

      So Hurt is the Doctor who fought the Time War, the one between McGann & Eccles

      • Tom

        Matt might not be the Doctor who dies at Trenzalore though because the GI infects his timeline so the Doctor dies at every point in history up to the point where the GI entered the timestream as the whole timestream was rewritten, all the journeys post Name of the Doctor were wiped as his life ends at Trenzalore. Clara enters the new timestream which ends with 11 at Name of the Doctor and corrects it so there is still the possibility the correction of the journeys up to these points reinstated the ones after that unharmed. It’s a mess theory but I don’t think Moffat would be allowed to kill off the Doctor with Matt seeing the show makes the BBC a good bit.

      • whopix

        Well, clearly some sort of rewrite will happen to the Doctor`s timeline as the show will clearly continue with another actor after Matt Smith finally leaves the role, something I`m sure The Moff has already planned for…

  5. John

    My theory is that he is not from /this/ Doctor’s past or future….but that he traveled from a parallel universe (as has been shown as possible). This would explain the potential for the Doctor to know him, and Clara to not, and it would explain why he might not have done something “in the name of the Doctor”. But perhaps he got stuck in this universe, and took on the name of “the Doctor” due to the fact that that’s what everyone knows him by. And because he didn’t know his name wasn’t known, and would have blabbered his name all over the place. Also, this might explain why he might be a past incarnation, but look very different….and it leaves the Doctor’s numbering in tact.

  6. Beth

    He is the 9th incarnation, but he did not have the name Doctor so he is not the 9th Doctor, like he said, “The name you have is a promise, and he was the one who broke that promise.” So he wasn’t the first Doctor because the promise would never have been made. And John saying that what he did was done in peace and sanity, basically puts him right into the time war. War, peace, it makes sense. However, this means Matt is the 12th incarnation, no more regeneration…

    • whopix

      John Hurt is Doctor #9, “Introducing John Hurt as The Doctor” remember? So that means Eccles is #10, Tennant is #11 and #12 [he had two regenerations don’t forget, Stolen Earth & End of Time] which means Matt is #13.

      So it looks like The Moff will get the honour of doing the “more than 12 regenerations” rewrite/retcon…

  7. Bob

    If clara went into the FINAL DEAD doctors timeline and only saw 11 faces then how does Peter capaldi fit in as the not-forgotten 12th/13th doctor?

    and if there were only 11 faces in the DEAD FINAL doctors time line then does that mean even if moffat finds a way out of that how will he explain any other doctors after capaldi?

    • whopix

      I have no idea! But remember, Time Can Be Rewritten. The Moff will find a way to give the Doctor a complete new life cycle, never fear. And anyway, that’s a Christmas Question. Let’s all enjoy the Anniversary celebration first!

  8. DaveB

    Lovely reading these comments with the benefit of hindsight and seeing who was damn near, who was miles away, and who was utterly lost in fandom! 🙂

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