Dr Who in “The Magician”!

from the pages of TV Comic and for the last time…

Dr Who Magician 1.1Dr Who Magician 1.2Dr Who Magician 2.1Dr Who Magician 2.2Dr Who Magician 3.1Dr Who Magician 3.2Dr Who Magician 4.1Dr Who Magician 4.2Dr Who Magician 5.1Dr Who Magician 5.2Dr Who Magician 6.1Dr Who Magician 6.2Dr Who Magician 7.1Dr Who Magician 7.2

This concludes our trip through the Jon Pertwee Comic Strips as I don’t have the final three Pertwee stories – The Metal Eaters, Lords of the Ether & The Wanderers, which is a bit sad but I hope you`ve enjoyed seeing these strips again or for the very first time!

Question – should I move on to the Tom Baker strips next?


3 thoughts on “Dr Who in “The Magician”!

  1. I believe I have pretty good copies of Ether and Metal Eaters but not the Wanderers. Would love a scan of that final Pertwee story, if anyone has it! Would you like copies of the first two for your blog? If so – what size and resolution?

    • that would be fantastic Ian, it would be great to be able to share them with our fellow fans. Will email you.

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