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Mary Poppins + Doctor Who = result!

Found over at Facebook, this is just brilliant and confirms what we have all suspected for a very long time …

mary poppins doctor who

Now that’s a crossover I’d love to see – The Doctor and The Nanny!

Can we have this for Xmas 2014 please Mr Moff? Ta much.


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What is it with the BBC nowadays?

First they piss us off with their bloody Comicon Exclusives [don’t get me started on THAT again!] and now, having just about calmed down from that one, they go and piss us off all over again!

The recently announced Series 7 Box Set – which has been a bloody long time coming, and why does the US version get the good cover while the UK release gets the rubbish one? hmm? And why does the US get it a month ahead of  the UK? I mean they already got The Name of The Doctor early… fs

doctor who series 7 box sets

So. It seems that originally those incredibly clever and well paid marketing bods at the Beeb had decided that The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe – 

doctor widow wardrobe dvd

– far and away the worst Xmas Ep Ever, was NOT going to be included in the Box Set, but now it is.

Okay, admittedly this one passed me by but you really have to wonder what the fekk the Beeb think they’re playing at.

First up, they release all the eps on Vanilla Discs, with no extras. Since that’s the first DVD release you go out and buy them. Then the BBC release them all again as a Box Set, so if you then buy that, you’ve paid for the same thing twice. Kerching!

doctor who series one dvd

The answer to that one is, of course, not to buy the vanilla and wait for the Box Set. And this is where the fun begins.

I don’t own a single Box Set, as I’ve never felt the extras were good enough to justify buying the bloody thing. And I still don’t.

doctor who vanilla dvd releases

But if you are a Box Set person, which it seems most of my fellow fans are, then realise that the Beeb originally wanted you to have a single vanilla disc slap bang in the middle of your Box Set collection. And we can just imagine how great that would look on your shelf!

Honestly, it’s getting so that the BBC need to think seriously about appointing a Director of Common Sense.

If a company treated it’s customers the way the Beeb treats us fans they’d be fucked in a fortnight and out of business but since the Beeb is paid for by our TV Tax, they seem to think they can get away with treating us like shit while ass licking America `cos when they look over the pond all they can see are dollar signs.

Anyone can piss off some of the people some of the time, but to piss off everybody all at once, that doesn’t just take skill or even genius, that takes the bloody BBC…

And if you want to see how it should be done, then just take a look at The Hobbit Extended Edition


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Busty Who! Multi-docs #2

Here is the last in our short series of Busty Who posts featuring different combinations of Titan Maxi Busts – and what better way to finish off than with the latest crop of Docs!

doctor who new series doctors

doctor mcgann eccleston

doctor who eight nine ten eleven

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Busty Who – Multi-Docs #1

here’s the penultimate in our short Busty Who series, featuring Doctor Tom and a few of his successors…

doctor who four five

doctor who jammie dodger

tom baker and david tennant

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Busty Who – Cybermen!

the latest in our short Busty Who series sees Doctor Jon finally meeting the Cybs, Doctor Bill with a much better Cyb than the ones in Tenth Planet and a repost of Doctor Paul recreating the Radio Times comic strip…

doctor jon cybermen

doc 1 cybs

mcgann cybs

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Busty Who – Dr McGann

another in our short Busty Who series…

Think Paul McGann’s Doctor would look great up against the Weeping Angels? Me too!

dr who paul mcgann weeping angel

And how about the old Radio Times comic strip featuring the Cybermen!

mcgann cybs

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Busty Who – The Chase

had to be done…

dracula frankenstein universal daleks

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Dr Who meets Mrs Dracula

another in our short Busty Who series…

doctor who countess dracula

Love the fact that both Jon Pertwee and Ingrid Pitt have been immortalised in bust form – Ingrid not only played Countess Dracula on film she also appeared with Jon in The House That Dripped Blood and The Time Monster.

And the only thing that could top Doctor Who meeting Count Dracula? Doctor Who meeting the Count and his missus!

doctor who dracula count countess

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Dr Who and Dracula

another in our short Busty Who series…

doctor who count dracula

dr who vampire dracula

I don’t know about you, but the idea of Jon Pertwee`s Doctor facing off against Christopher Lee’s Count works for me!

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Who Trek!

here’s another in our occasional Busty Who series. This time it’s Doctor Who meets Star Trek – Who Trek!

dr who star trek
doctor who captain picard
ninth doctor jean luc picard
mr spock jon pertwee
tom baker mr spock
doctor who doctor mccoy
captain kirk cybermen
doctor and the enterprise

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