Fourth Doctor Time Capsule

After all the excitement of Andy Murray Winning Wimbledon and the recent release of The Mind of Evil, what else have we got to look forward to, aside from the obvious?

Apparently, The Fourth Doctor Time Capsule!

fourth doctor time capsule

Well, this commemorative box set of Fourth Doctor goodies isn’t really getting me excited, I don’t know about you. It seems the Beeb are pulling the same stunt with Terror of the Zygons that they did with The Tenth Planet, and releasing a vanilla version surrounded by all sorts of other stuff as a sneaky way of tempting us to part with our cash twice. I mean, be honest, who hasn’t felt that pull of “don’t wait, just buy it so you can watch it NOW!” with the DVD releases.

So what do you get for £63? Yes, that’s right, sixty-fekking-three quid!

Terror of the Zygons, vanilla release – coming out on DVD proper soon anyway. with extras.

Exclusive interview with Tom Baker – yeah, where he’s unlikely to say anything you haven’t heard already

Post Regeneration Action Figure – yeah, pretty exclusive I suppose, but I’ve never seen the point of these types of figures. I mean, how much use can they be for Action Figure Theatre-type stuff?

Fourth Doctor sonic – available for £9.99 from Forbidden Planet

Genesis of the Daleks Audiobook – CD of the 1979 release that almost everyone will already have, available for about a fiver on Amazon

Art Cards of his companions – fancy postcards, big deal

Tomb of Valdemar novel – The English Way of Death would have been a better choice

All in a nice Gallifrey styled box!

If you don’t already own the items which you can buy individually then I could see the attraction, but you’re going to at least be buying Zygons again so I’m afraid this has to get filed under “nice indulgence if you won’t miss the £63 it’s going to cost you, otherwise it’s a bit of a rip off”

But of course, you can always keep it pristine and flog it on Ebay for at least twice the price a couple of years from now, treble that if you can get Tom to sign it before he snuffs it!

dr who time capsule

Thanks to the Collectors Archive on Facebook for this latest pic – and look at that bloody Action Figure! They’ve used the bottom half of the Pertwee AF from Death To The Daleks! Dr Jon did NOT wear boots when he came back from Metebelis Three, Character!



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