Scream of the Shalka on DVD

Thanks to Doctor Who dot tv, we can get a heads up on what’s going to be on the Shalka DVD [which will enable me to update the Fan Edit in due course].

Quite why this is coming out on DVD is a mystery, I can only assume the online rights expire this year. Has it really been Ten Whole Years?

doctor who scream shalka dvd

It’s not the best Dr Who story ever but it ticks a few of the boxes you would expect for a relaunch, evoking the Pertwee Era and beating the TV Series to both a broken Doctor and a companion of colour.

Interesting that both Cornell and RTD went for this “survivor’s guilt” type Doctor, it’ll be interesting to see how much, if any, influence Shalka had on RTD’s plans. In terms of the fictional Whoniverse, I’m assuming that the REG Doctor felt guilty ‘cos he survived whatever adventure it was that caused the McGann Doctor to regenerate into him and some un-named companion to snuff it…

On the plus side there’s the fab idea of an android Master that the Doctor keeps for company [was that influenced by Death Comes To Time‘s Antimony at all, I wonder…?], voiced by Derek Jacobi before he played the role later for real on the telly and a Tardis mobile phone that looks like a little Tardis. Prescient or what?

So it wasn’t all that bad but then it wasn’t great either and you can imagine how dreadful a future with Dr Who existing only as an online cartoon would have been. So let this be a reminder to us all to remain permanently grateful to Jane Trantis, Lorraine Hugsy and Sir Russell T Gayness that this was all we got and there was never a sequel.

Disappointing that there’s no DVD input from the man himself, REG*, meaning he was either genuinely too busy, couldn’t be arsed, wanted too much money, deliberately asked for too much money in the knowledge that the Beeb would say no and he could justify turning it down or the Beeb didn’t actually bother to ask him…

On the plus side, we do get the music cues, which is nice. And I suppose it’ll be interesting to hear what Cornell has to say about it but I reckon this release will get added to my “buy for a fiver on Amazon six months later” list.

* Richard E Grant – Fatal Death, Shalka, Snowmen etc

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