Is It Peter Capaldi?

Since we’ve nothing better to do between now and Sunday night, lets keep ourselves busy with more pointless speculation than you could shake a perigosto stick at by wondering if it really is Peter Capaldi who’s going to be revealed as The Twelfth Doctor at the weekend.

The rumours are that he’s The One and the bookies have stopped taking bets on him, and since there’s no such thing as a poor bookmaker, you can be sure that they genuinely suspect that those bets are being made by people with inside knowledge.

So let’s take a quick look at the possibility, shall we?

Matt Smith Doctor Who 2013

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who 2014

Even without the help of a quick mock-up like this I can certainly imagine Capaldi in the role and would be happy if he got it.

He would be the second actor to have appeared in the show as a different character before playing the Doctor, like Colin Baker before him…

And, like Tennant before him he is a genuine and huge Fan, unlike that MNG Eccles…

And he would have the distinction of having appeared in both Who and Torchwood…

[Speaking of which, why oh why has nobody yet done the obvious YouTube mash up of Malcolm Tucker telling the 456 to Fekk Off?]

So, since there’s nothing much else happening rumour-wise, let’s all go and rewatch both The Fires of Pompeii and The Thick of It and then wait and see if it really is him.

Malcolm Tucker in The Tardis? Works for me!



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9 responses to “Is It Peter Capaldi?

  1. craig sanwell

    Hello Mr. Whopix,
    Interseting. But I personally would still love to see REG take the role and be unveiled this sun.The Dr. could emerge regenerated as REG as the grt intelligence is defeated, causing the regeneration to meld with the Dr’s dna
    and the dna of the manipulated Dr. Simeon body! Which currently resides in the Dr’s time stream.This may also explain the strange choice of Shalka being released on dvd which also features D.Jacobi as the Master, who may
    also feature in the 50th spec. playing the Master again opposite Hurt (as i think you once speculated) in a Time War flashback.Just an idea. Or if not i’d like to see Rafe Spall take the role and for Eddie Marson to be cast as the Master!
    Craig Sanwell

    • whopix

      Interesting theory Craig, sounds pretty plausible to me.

      I would LOVE to see Jacobi as The Master up against the Hurt Doctor – there’s a whole world of Fan Fiction featuring those two just waiting to be unleashed after The Fiftieth.

      And am I the only one hoping the Hurt Doctor gets a 5″ Action Figure?

  2. John

    This is about to become your most well-viewed article. Good luck.

  3. You were right !!! LOVE LOVE your photo, which will be used all over social networking sites !!!

  4. Christy Ameluxen

    I’m upset about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who… he was my favorite Dr. Now I’m crying I don’t want him to regenerate.

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