First up, I reckon Peter Capaldi is an absofuckinlutely brilliant choice. Can’t wait until we see him in action next year alongside Jenna Coleman. Roll on Series Eight!

Second, hats off to The Moff, he’s clearly inherited JNT’s publicity gene by getting us wondering, just for a second, that maybe, just maybe, he might fuck up the show completely by getting the casting completely wrong [I think you all know what Whopix is referring to…] but now, given his comments on the reveal show, I reckon he thinks its a bad idea too and it ain’t gonna happen on his watch. Of course, it became clear what the choice was going to be, even if we didn’t know who it was going to be, the minute they announced the show’s format.

The minute they said the reveal would be live, and in front of a studio audience, you knew you could wave bye bye to the notion of a gender swap. Twelve was clearly going to be someone that the audience would totally whoop for when he was revealed – they would never take the risk of a radical choice in that sort of format. I mean, could you imagine if someone else walked out and the crowd collectively did a sharp intake of breath and nobody clapped? Could you imagine it? No, neither could I. So the fact that the Beeb would never risk a negative reaction made it clear that it was going to be someone they collectively felt would be a popular choice.

And by doing so, they have, perhaps, set a dangerous precedent. Looking ahead, several years ahead I hope, to when Doctor Capaldi retires, and long may that day be postponed Great Kiv, the question will be asked – are we having another global live reveal. And if not, why not?

As an actor himself, Whopix knows a little of what PC was going through through. Just imagine for a moment, they ask you to try for it, you go round to The Moff’s gaff and play it for him while he tapes it on his camcorder or smartphone or whatever it was, [and can we have that audition tape on the Series Eight Box Set please? Ta much.] he sends it to the High Ups at the Beeb, you wait, you go to Prague, miss the call, find out you’ve got it, you almost explode with excitement and the pressure of keeping it secret… and then the Beeb turn round and say, oh, by the way, we want to do a reveal show, like we did last time for Matt, only this time we want to do it LIVE on BBC One. Oh and simulcast it in the US as well. You don’t have a problem with that, do you Peter? There must have been a moment where he was thinking, aye well fair enough but it’s my arse in the sling here and what if I walk out there and it all goes horribly wrong and I’m left there looking like a twat, what the fekk do we do then? Brave man for agreeing to that one!

But of course it didn’t and I am totally made up for Mr Capaldi. I know that feeling all too well of waiting in the wings ready to go on but God Only Knows what was going through his head as he waited for Zoe Ball to say his name. Talk about a moment of truth…

And then, of course, the crowd went nuts, as I did [I was watching online with some friends, praying there wouldn’t be any buffering to spoil the moment] and it must have been an incredible feeling knowing that all those people were so glad that it was you! And Whopix is one of them!

So, having calmed down a wee but and thought about it, I reckon we’re in for much more than just Malcolm Tucker in the Tardis. Capaldi is a much better actor than that and will, I reckon bring an intensity to the role that we haven’t had for a long time. He will be the kind of Doctor that you do not mess with, a much more scary figure than of late but still one capable of warmth and charm and filled with all the enthusiasm of the eternal explorer who knows there’s always somewhere new to go, someone new to meet.

And then there’s the question of how Doctor Capaldi and Clara Oswald will interact. Clara’s in for a helluva shock when that young-looking bloke she’s been a bit flirty with sudden explodes into her Space Dad. And I reckon that whole dynamic of an older Doctor, which we haven’t really had since Pertwee, will shake up the show in all sorts of interesting ways. I reckon we’re heading for a Doctor Bill & Susan or a Doctor Jon & Jo type relationship. And yes, I’m also wondering what’ll happen if and when he meets River Song… [am I bad for secretly hoping that he doesn’t?]

And since Mr Capaldi is a long term fan who was five years old when the show started, he can remember, and clearly knows, as testified by his Radio Times Letter and Fanzine Contribution, the entire history of the show. Did you spot his “Hartnell Lapel Grab” just after he came out? That’s a boy who knows his Who! And, since he’s the same age as Billy when he started, I hope he’ll be more inclined to stay a bit longer than the regulation 3 years, since the whole “typecasting” thing applies a whole lot less when you’re 55 than it does when you’re 35.

I hope Doctor Capaldi is with us for a very long time and I hope and pray he doesn’t do an Eccleston on us. And since David Tennant didn’t do it, I want Peter Capaldi to be the one to beat Tom Baker’s record!


UPDATE: Moffat Interview with What’s On TV


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