5 thoughts on “Dr Who in “Return of the Daleks”!

  1. Just wanted to say, fantastic work uploading all of these great comics. Much appreciated, thank you so much!

      • I’ve got most of them but not all – I managed to find them from one of the old Share-ity Blogs back in the days before MegaUpload went tits up. After that the whole ethos of sharing nostalgic stuff on the Net for those of us of a certain age kind of went out the window, meaning these days this kind of stuff is harder and harder to find.

        I just thought, sod it, why not share it with my fellow fans. This site is Who Pix after all, and was never intended to be for just my own mock-ups. Hopefully there’s someone out there who has the ones that can fill the gaps, there are plenty of sites reviewing the comics [which kind of implies they have a complete set, which I don’t] but nobody else seemed to be sharing them so I thought I might as well do it.

        The intention is to finish of the Tom stuff first and then work our way backwards to Hartnell.

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for uploading the tom baker tv comic strips – they were a big part of my childhood , so thanks for letting me revisit that and them ! Brilliant website !!

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