Dr Who in “The Wreckers”!

From the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Wreckers 1.1Dr Who Wreckers 1.2Dr Who Wreckers 2.1Dr Who Wreckers 2.2Dr Who Wreckers 3.1Dr Who Wreckers 3.2Dr Who Wreckers 4.1Dr Who Wreckers 4.2Dr Who Wreckers 5.1Dr Who Wreckers 5.2Dr Who Wreckers 6.1Dr Who Wreckers 6.2Dr Who Wreckers 7.1Dr Who Wreckers 7.2Dr Who Wreckers 8.1Dr Who Wreckers 8.2Dr Who Wreckers 9.1Dr Who Wreckers 9.2

NEXT – The Emperor’s Spy


6 responses to “Dr Who in “The Wreckers”!

  1. Hi there – is Wreckers part 4:2 missing from here?

    • yes! whoops. Well spotted – you’re clearly the only person to have actually read this post since it was put up. On it.

      • Cheers for that. These are a valuable resource and will be for years to come – I have indebted to you for helping me revisit these stories. I have read all of the Pertwees (some surprisingly excellent ones – especially in the Countdown etc and later TV Comic ones) and am just going through all the TV Comic Bakers now.

      • glad you’re enjoying them Ian. Not quite done with the Tom Baker era yet, a few more still to come.

  2. You have part 4:1 okay, but can’t find the other

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