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Terror of the Zygons DVD Easter Eggs

here’s where you can find the two Easter Eggs on the Zygons DVD…

zygons easter egg 1

zygons easter egg 2


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Dr Who in “Virus”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Virus 1.1Dr Who Virus 1.2Dr Who Virus 2.1Dr Who Virus 2.2Dr Who Virus 3.1Dr Who Virus 3.2Dr Who Virus 4.1Dr Who Virus 4.2Dr Who Virus 5.1Dr Who Virus 5.2Dr Who Virus 6.1Dr Who Virus 6.2Dr Who Virus 7.1Dr Who Virus 7.2

NEXT – Treasure Trail

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A Who Fan Fantasises…

… no, not about giving Nicola Bryant one, I’m talking about this incredible video of CG characters and scenes from Star Wars being rendered in real time?

If not, go watch it and then think of the implications for Who and the possibilities for realistically recreating all those Missing Episodes…

Or even creating new adventures for departed Doctors, voiced by either Sound-alikes or super realistic computer voice synthesis.

Or even giving Nicola Bryant one, like what Lister did with his sexy computer sprite in Red Dwarf…!

God only knows where computer technology will be by the time Who hits it’s centenary, and, given that I’ll be 97 by then I might just still be here to see them do it!


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Dr Who in “The Dalek Revenge”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Dalek Revenge 1.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 1.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 2.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 2.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 3.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 3.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 4.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 4.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 5.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 5.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 6.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 6.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 7.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 7.2Dr Who Dalek Revenge 8.1Dr Who Dalek Revenge 8.2

Next – VIRUS

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Dr Who in “The Space Ghost”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Space Ghost 1.1Dr Who Space Ghost 1.2Dr Who Space Ghost 2.1Dr Who Space Ghost 2.2Dr Who Space Ghost 3.1Dr Who Space Ghost 3.2Dr Who Space Ghost 4.1Dr Who Space Ghost 4.2Dr Who Space Ghost 5.1Dr Who Space Ghost 5.2Dr Who Space Ghost 6.1Dr Who Space Ghost 6.2


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Kellogs’ Crunchy Nut – WTF?

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I was watching the telly, as you do, when I saw the latest Kellog’s Crunchy Nut advert, you know, the Reign of Terror one…

[You can tell that my Fan Gene is still active, ‘cos I never once thought of Les Bloody Mis…]

Anyway, I’m watching away, quite the thing, as the bloke goes into the little shop and sees the white haired grannie…

and then, they give her a close up and I’m like…

WHAT THE F*CK??!!!!…


june hudson kellogs crunchy nut advert

Is that Dr Who/B7 Costume Designer JUNE HUDSON????

June Hudson Dr Who

If that’s not June Hudson then it’s her bloody twin sister!


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Dr Who in “The Sinister Sea”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Sinister Sea 1.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 1.2Dr Who Sinister Sea 2.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 2.2Dr Who Sinister Sea 3.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 3.2Dr Who Sinister Sea 4.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 4.2Dr Who Sinister Sea 5.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 5.2Dr Who Sinister Sea 6.1Dr Who Sinister Sea 6.2

NEXT – The Space Ghost

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