Doctor Smiffy to be Deleted at Xmas?

According to the Daily Record the Cybs are gonna do for Doctor Matt at Xmas and trigger his change into Dr Yaldy-Capaldi.

Woah, not so fast! One, it could be bollocks, as the read-through was, what, yesterday, and the tweet was well before that. Two, maybe it was genuine and the silly cow couldn’t contain her excitement, thus ruining her future employability in the spoiler-containment department. Three, just ‘cos she’s playing a Cyb doesn’t mean they are the Xmas Big Bad.

Mind you, it makes you look at Moff’s recent Cyb-based audition piece slightly differently, doesn’t it…

dr who cybermen christmas 2013

…and it works both ways. Go on, try it for yourself. Do two takes, one with Smiffy’s voice in your head and one with t`other fella…


The Doctor is facing down the Cyberleader, who stares balefully down from the screen. The bridge around the Doctor is burning, ruined.

THE DOCTOR: Ah, Cyberleader, hello!

CYBERLEADER: Do you have a response, Doctor.

THE DOCTOR: Yes, I do. Definitely got a response. And here it is. Yes, your ears look big in that! Sorry, did I misunderstand the question?

CYBERLEADER: You will return the stolen cargo.

THE DOCTOR: Yeah, well, two points. One, I didn’t steal it. No, actually, I did steal it, I was just hoping if I said that I’d think of a really good excuse before the end of the sentence. Didn’t happen, never mind. Point two – well, point one, second attempt – that isn’t cargo. Those are human beings.

CYBERLEADER: They are primed for conversion.

THE DOCTOR: I’ve unprimed them.

CYBERLEADER: You will return the cargo.

THE DOCTOR: No, I won’t.

CYBERLEADER: Then the cargo will be taken.

THE DOCTOR: Not going to happen, and do you know what’s going to stop you?

CYBERLEADER: We will not be stopped.

The Doctor raises a finger.

THE DOCTOR: Tell it to the finger. See this finger? See what I’m doing with this finger right now.

The Doctor moves to the screen. Starts drawing a line across.

THE DOCTOR: I’m drawing a line between this ship and you. Between all these people and all your metal men. And this line, it’s a magic line

CYBERLEADER: Magic is not logical

THE DOCTOR: I know – isn’t it great? Because I’ll tell you what. All these people on this ship are now, officially, under the protection of the magic line. Now, I’ll be honest, these guys in here are a bit annoying. They keep having their own opinions, and sometimes they take turns talking instead of me, which is just boring for everyone. But facts are facts, they’re behind the magic line, and that’s the way it is now. And to be clear, so we all understand the deal here, if any of your handle-heads happens to cross the magic line, even by accident, do you know what will happen to you then?

CYBERLEADER: What will happen?




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3 responses to “Doctor Smiffy to be Deleted at Xmas?

  1. Hi I’ve been having a ‘discussion’ (argument) with a guy on You Tube that that the Radio Times had said that Matt Smith had been sacked !!! I said that was the biggest load of bull sh*t id ever heard !!!

    • whopix

      Well if you’ve been involved in Fandom for even a short while, you’ll know that there are a lot of fantasists who like to give the impression that they know the “real” reason why someone is leaving the show – I heard one a few days ago about Caro Skinner’s departure, for instance, and whilst it plays to fan’s desires to gain insider access [I call it “Backstage Pass Syndrome”] all such gossip should be taken with a large pinch of sodium chloride…

  2. Hi thanks for the reply sorry its taken me a week to respond ive been having broadband issues for half of last week. I totally agree & that’s what I thought too !!!!

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