Kellogs’ Crunchy Nut – WTF?

Okay, so a couple of nights ago I was watching the telly, as you do, when I saw the latest Kellog’s Crunchy Nut advert, you know, the Reign of Terror one…

[You can tell that my Fan Gene is still active, ‘cos I never once thought of Les Bloody Mis…]

Anyway, I’m watching away, quite the thing, as the bloke goes into the little shop and sees the white haired grannie…

and then, they give her a close up and I’m like…

WHAT THE F*CK??!!!!…


june hudson kellogs crunchy nut advert

Is that Dr Who/B7 Costume Designer JUNE HUDSON????

June Hudson Dr Who

If that’s not June Hudson then it’s her bloody twin sister!



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2 responses to “Kellogs’ Crunchy Nut – WTF?

  1. Yes, she’s also an actress.

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