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Dr Who in “The Metal Eaters”!

As you may know, we recently uploaded the majority of the Jon Pertwee comic strips from TV Action/Countdown glory days and the subsequent return to TV Comic. However, Whopix didn’t have access to the last three stories in the Pertwee TVComic run – The Metal Eaters, Lords of the Ether and The Wanderers…

Step forward fan Ian Gettings, who supplied Whopix with two out of the three missing stories [see what I did there] and, whilst not on the scale of Philip Morris’ recent Nigerian haul, it’s still a significant recovery as I’ve never seen either of the stories before.

So, from the pages of TV Comic, courtesy of Ian Gettings, Whopix presents Dr Who in “The Metal Eaters”!

Dr Who Metal Eaters 1.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 1.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 2.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 2.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 3.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 3.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 4.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 4.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 5.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 5.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 6.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 6.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 7.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 7.2


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Wife In Space Book Review

adventures with wife in space book

This is a very funny book, containing some of the most amusing writing on the subject of Who Watching you’re ever likely to read. Not exactly laugh out loud funny, it’s more the “gentle humour” type of book that leaves you feeling a lot happier than you were before you picked it up, which is no bad thing. That said, it was a book that wasn’t quite what I expected, a bit like certain Doctor Who stories themselves, but one that ended up being as enjoyable as “Genesis” and as intriguing as “Ghost Light”, only a lot easier to follow and  just as enjoyable.

Just in case you’ve been on retreat in Tibet and are, you’ll admit, a little out of touch, Wife In Space is probably the best idea for a Doctor Who review blog anyone has, or ever will, come up with. The premise is brilliantly simple: Take a Fan and his Not-We Wife – Neil Perryman and his wife Sue – and get her to watch every single episode of Classic Who from Bill to Sylv and then throw in Paul for good measure. It works so well that it puts every other variation on this theme, including DWM’s Time Team, so far in the shade that you would be as well just forgetting about them altogether.

I’d heard of AWTWIS and had even popped over there occasionally, but by the time it appeared on my radar, the experiment was almost over, so reading the book would, I thought, be a great way to get the Best Of bits, a sort of Sue’s Greatest Hits kind of thing, and then I could go back to the site later and get the detail.

It’s not that sort of book.

It’s much better than that.

When the review copy first arrived, I went straight to the contents, after admiring the embossed matt cover, complete with rather helpful dust jacket-like flaps for use as bookmarks, and the cover design itself – and yes the pedant in me clocked that the red Bernie Lodge logo on the telly should really be blue…

The book’s first 160 pages cover the build up to the AWTWIS experiment, albeit interspersed with relevant Sue-isms, and detail Neil’s relationship with Classic Who, which if you’re of A Certain Age, like what Whopix is, mirrors your own. This is real Dalek I Loved You territory and, whilst all very interesting and giving us an insight into the author’s relationship to The Text, only leaves 95 pages to cover the experiment itself.

Initially that was a bit disappointing and, having been down that particular road before, where the Who related content of a book, and the sole reason for buying the bugger, is only a tiny proportion of the overall page count[ Yes, I’m looking at you Tom Baker]. But AWTWIS is a book that still manages to engage you even when the subject under discussion isn’t really Who at all, but Neil and Sue themselves. And, as the section covering the experiment itself continues, even through diversions such as misadventures in convention going, the book never fails to raise a smile. And you still get a series of Best Of Sue quotes, so my initial disappointment soon dissipated and I found myself enjoying the book as much as I’d hoped I would before I started it.

Clearly aimed at the Not-We book buying public, AWTWIS is a book developed from a blog that will doubtless drive traffic to the blog that inspired the book, like some sort of Orobourousian feedback loop, but it remains probably one of the most enjoyable non-academic Doctor Who related books I’ve read to date. It’s also an outstanding contribution to the ongoing Enthographical study of Fandom and its intersection with mass media culture. Buy it.

Or better still, buy two copies – one for yourself and one for your Not-We relatives for Xmas!


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Dr Bradley – The Three Doctors

had to be done…

doctor who david bradley

stand by for loads of Bradley instead of Hartnell Photoshoppery breaking out all over t`interweb, and not just here I reckon!

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Polly’s Knickers!

Got the Tenth Planet DVD today…

1] what is all this fuss over the Hartnell interview? I’d be grumpy if some cheeky bugger from the BBC was interiewing me while I’m getting ready for a show!

2] The animation’s a bit ropey in places isn’t it? And the likenesses are a bit suspect at times too. I mean, yes at least this time they’re following a camera script and not changing the shot three times in a second but what I find really irritating is that they didn’t recreate all the existing 8mm clips from the story. For instance, the famous “this old body of mine’s wearing a bit thin” is nothing like the 8mm clip, which I find inexcusable. Dan Hall really needs to get his shit together.

3] In Episode Three, when Polly climbs up into the bunk, you get a flash of her knickers!

tenth planet polly knickers dr who upskirt

Is this the earliest example of an upskirt in Who History? We always think of Jo Grant as being the one to flash her knickers but it looks like Polly Whatsername beat her to it years earlier!

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Web of Fear by Lee Binding

Lee Binding`s brilliant DVD artwork mocked up as a Target cover. If only these were still in print…

web of fear target

Fantastic that it’s back in the archive but such a shame part 3 – Nic Courtney’s first ep – is still missing. Still, that Planet 55 mob will probably be the ones to animate it…

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Enemy of the World by Lee Binding

Lee Binding’s artwork for the upcoming DVD release of the story mocked up as a Target Cover. Who would have thought that we would be using “DVD” and “Enemy of the World” in the same sentence!

enemy world target

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Two Missing Episodes Found!

Looks like Christmas has come early after all…

The big news is not that Matt Smith recorded his last scenes yesterday [and possibly Peter Capaldi his first if that was when they did the regeneration] but that the sites of both the  Radio Times and The Mirror newspaper are reporting that  two missing episodes have been found and will be revealed at a press screening on Tuesday with the episodes released for download the following day!

Great news for Classic Who fans, and something I must admit I didn’t believe when the rumour of missing episodes being found first surfaced several months ago, but it seems those reports were at least partially true after all.

As you will doubtless recall, the rumour was that a massive haul of nearly 100 missing eps had been found via an african tv station. Now when this rumour first surfaced, I must admit I went Totally Victor Meldrew on the whole thing. We’d been here before and the number of episodes being talked about made the whole thing seem far too good to be true, which meant it obviously wasn’t.

However, it seems there was some truth in the story after all and I’m glad I was wrong about it. The two episodes we will find out about on Tuesday are both Pat eps apparently, which sadly rules out the Holy Grail of Tenth Planet 4, unless they are playing games with us. The reports say the eps are from two different Pat stories but before your inner fanboy has a mudburst of excitement that doesn’t mean one of them is Power of the Daleks 1, so we all need to calm down and not get too excited over the next day and a half. Even though I know that won’t stop you and that the internet – or at least the Dr Who corners of it –  will probably melt in the run-up to the reveal.

But outside of speculating on the identity of the two recovered eps, there are a couple of other questions we can mull over between now and Tuesday.

The first is why they are being released digitally instead of the Beeb simply announcing that they have found two episodes? There are two possible explanations for this – the first is that the Beeb simply want to maximise the publicity of the find in Anniversary Year and it’s part of this Ultraviolet download strategy that all the content producers seem to be pushing lately. Which could be a ruse to get us all to buy the download and then buy them again when they finally do come out on DVD, which surely they must…

The second is that the two eps in question are ones that have already been released in animated form, which would be a bit of a bummer given they’ve just shelled out for The Ice Warriors to be animated. If either of them had been one of the two missing eps of Reign of Terror that would really suck but it wouldn’t be so bad if they’re one of the ones missing from The Invasion! But that then begs the question, why make a big song and dance about the find if the two eps aren’t that special in themselves?

Does that then mean that the two episodes really are signifcant ones, by which I mean Power of the Daleks or Web of Fear or something like that? When they found the two eps of Galaxy 4 and Underwater Menace a while back, we got the standard announcement, so why the change of tactics this time? We will just have to wait and see and try to contain ourselves.

And of course then there’s the biggest question of all…

is this it or did they find more than just two?

Permission to Squee? Granted!

[Of course, if this all turns out to be just an announcement that you can now buy the recently recovered Galaxy 4 and Underwater Menace eps on bloody iTunes…]

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Dr Who in “Treasure Trail”!

from the pages of TV Comic…

Dr Who Treasure Trail 1.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 1.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 2.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 2.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 3.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 3.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 4.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 4.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 5.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 5.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 6.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 6.2Dr Who Treasure Trail 7.1Dr Who Treasure Trail 7.2

NEXT – Hubert’s Folly

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