Missing Episodes Tomorrow!

according to her Official Site, Debbie Watling will be helping with the launch/reveal of the newly recovered Missing Episodes tomorrow between half three in the afternoon and seven in the evening.

debbie watling missing episodes found

Now, before we all get too excited, just because it’s Debbie and Frazer doesn’t mean they’ve found Evil of the Daleks in full. Maybe Anneke Wills isn’t available or something. There’s nothing on her site, I checked. But it looks like at least some of the haul are Debbie & Frazer eps from Season Five – yes, I know, calm down, we don’t know that it’s The Web of Fear, it could just as easily be Enemy of the sodding World instead!

And no, the timescale doesn’t necessarily mean that they have enough time to screen seven episodes. I know, I sat and worked it out – half an hour’s intro and chat, four o’clock til seven…

Whilst it’s great that we only have to wait one more day, and it’s looking highly likely that we are talking somewhere in the region of half a dozen episodes, we all need to stay calm and manage our expectations ahead of tomorrow afternoon.

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