Polly’s Knickers!

Got the Tenth Planet DVD today…

1] what is all this fuss over the Hartnell interview? I’d be grumpy if some cheeky bugger from the BBC was interiewing me while I’m getting ready for a show!

2] The animation’s a bit ropey in places isn’t it? And the likenesses are a bit suspect at times too. I mean, yes at least this time they’re following a camera script and not changing the shot three times in a second but what I find really irritating is that they didn’t recreate all the existing 8mm clips from the story. For instance, the famous “this old body of mine’s wearing a bit thin” is nothing like the 8mm clip, which I find inexcusable. Dan Hall really needs to get his shit together.

3] In Episode Three, when Polly climbs up into the bunk, you get a flash of her knickers!

tenth planet polly knickers dr who upskirt

Is this the earliest example of an upskirt in Who History? We always think of Jo Grant as being the one to flash her knickers but it looks like Polly Whatsername beat her to it years earlier!


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