Dr Who in “The Metal Eaters”!

As you may know, we recently uploaded the majority of the Jon Pertwee comic strips from TV Action/Countdown glory days and the subsequent return to TV Comic. However, Whopix didn’t have access to the last three stories in the Pertwee TVComic run – The Metal Eaters, Lords of the Ether and The Wanderers…

Step forward fan Ian Gettings, who supplied Whopix with two out of the three missing stories [see what I did there] and, whilst not on the scale of Philip Morris’ recent Nigerian haul, it’s still a significant recovery as I’ve never seen either of the stories before.

So, from the pages of TV Comic, courtesy of Ian Gettings, Whopix presents Dr Who in “The Metal Eaters”!

Dr Who Metal Eaters 1.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 1.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 2.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 2.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 3.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 3.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 4.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 4.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 5.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 5.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 6.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 6.2Dr Who Metal Eaters 7.1Dr Who Metal Eaters 7.2


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