Dr Who in “The Wanderers”!

Hot on the heels of our previous upload of the penultimate Pertwee TV Comic story, fan Christopher Grayling got in touch to say he had the one missing story that Whopix didn’t – so now we have a complete run of Pertwee strips!

And so, from the pages of TV Comic, and courtesy of Christopher Grayling, we present the final comic strip adventure for Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor – The Wanderers!

Dr Who The Wanderers 1.1Dr Who The Wanderers 1.2Dr Who The Wanderers 2.1Dr Who The Wanderers 2.2Dr Who The Wanderers 3.1Dr Who The Wanderers 3.2Dr Who The Wanderers 4.1Dr Who The Wanderers 4.2Dr Who The Wanderers 5.1Dr Who The Wanderers 5.2


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One response to “Dr Who in “The Wanderers”!

  1. Ian Gettings

    This is fantastic news! This third missing story came faster than I ever expected! (Let’s hope this pattern is repeated with other missing tv episodes! 🙂 ) Thanks especially to Christopher (and yourself for posting them here). I have been looking for this story for a very long time!

    If you need any others for this site, please let us know.

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