A closer look at the trailer

Now that we’ve got a higher quality copy of the trailer to look at, let’s see what the details reveal…

day of the doctor trailer desert

okay, so these are Doc Hurt’s footsteps, leading from the Tardis to the building we see later on, the implication seeming to be that no bugger has been out this way for a sod of a long time…

day of the doctor trailer gallifrey desert

Question is, what’s in that sack he’s carrying? And is this the interior of that building? Looks like it to me…

day of the doctor trailer the moment

There are Gallifrey symbols on the plinth so it would seem as if Doc Hurt takes a trip to this place, outside the Capitol, in order to seize The Moment, which I reckon is that red jewel…

day of the doctor trailer seize the moment

Given that it’s glowing rather mysteriously, and in a way that’s reminiscent of the latest version of the Time Vortex from the titles sequence, I’d say that it’s what Doc Hurt uses to end the Time War, though Moffat only knows how, and why it’s hidden in a hut in the middle of the desert!

day of the doctor trailer john hurt tardis

Given all the other things they had to spend the budget on, it’s no surprise that they simply redressed the 2005 Tardis by putting in a new floor and changing the lights, speaking of which –

day of the doctor trailer david tennant tardis

– great though it is to see David back in the Tardis, I don’t recall the console ever being blue, it was always green. Probably done on purpose, or maybe it’s only blue because of whatever dangerous Tardis-y thing the three of them [David, Matt & John] are up to.

This shot clearly show the three of them walking towards a doorway, but what the hell is a kid’s trycicle doing there? Unless of course this is Lungbarrow [God, I hope not] and the trike is the Doctor’s from when he was a kid…

day of the doctor trailer three doctors

And speaking of odd, if you look closely, you can see that there appear to be TWO Kate Stewarts an TWO Osgoods in this shot – seriously timey-wimey!

day of the doctor trailer kate stewart times two

Clara activates some sort of teleport gizmo and, given the lighting is similar, I’ll guess that it’s some sort of UNIT thingy

day of the doctor trailer clara teleport

The other question is, who is the Zygon going to be disguised as? One of the Osgoods maybe? Surely not one of the Doctors? And who is it that has it – apparently – trapped in a glass case that it breaks out of, if indeed that’s what it’s doing…

day of the doctor trailer zygon

Given that we know that Ten takes up with Liz One, maybe it’s the Zygon who’s chasing her…

day of the doctor trailer liz one

The woods look like the same ones in the background of the shots where Matt and David are together, comparing Brainy Specs…

day of the doctor trailer brainy specs

…and then, presumably, meeting Doc Hurt for the first time

day of the doctor trailer two doctors

So presumable Ten is canoodling with Liz One at the start when both Matt and Doc Hurt turn up and interrupt them, which then begs the question, where does Rose fit in if she’s not with Ten?

day of the doctor trailer rose and doc hurt

How does she end up with Doc Hurt anyway? And is she Rose Tyler or Bad Wolf Rose?

day of the doctor trailer bad wolf rose

That looks like the same place Doc Hurt finds The Moment, but it might not be. Either way, we see Gallifrey in the Time War –

day of the doctor trailer gallifrey

– under attack from a Dalek Armada or at least a shitload of saucers…

day of the doctor trailer dalek armada

… as well as rather nifty looking Spider Dalek-type scoutships!

day of the doctor trailer dalek ships

This bloke getting zapped is clearly some sort of Gallifrey Soldier, check the elbow protector…

day of the doctor trailer gallifrey soldier

Looks like he gets zapped in some part of the city surrounding the Capitol, they even have streetlights!

day of the doctor trailer gallifrey city

All of which will instantly evoke The Blitz, only one where the bombing never stopped.

A couple of other things, Matt seems to be literally hanging on the phone in this shot, which means that’s one hell of an extension lead…

day of the doctor trailer over london

That immediately reminds you of the pre-credits for The Eleventh Hour, and presumably leads into the Trafalgar Square sequence, which in turn suggests UNIT are dropping him off instead of picking him up in that scene. Or maybe it’s the other way round. But it’s probably Kate Stewart he’s on the blower to. Either that or bloody Churchill again!

In this one, Ten rides out of the Tardis on horseback [!] with [presumably] Liz One hanging onto his waist…

day of the doctor trailer horse

…which reminds you of the horse from Girl in the Fireplace [it’s not the same one is it?] so presumably this is Ten’s entry into the show and the first time we see him, unless they are racing to get somewhere terribly important in a hurry later on in the story…

So, in summary…

Eleven gets a phone call from Kate Stewart and is shown that dirty great big painting from the first teaser clip. We’ve also seen the portait of Ten and the note, which maybe Eleven thinks is a forgery, which is why Kate shows him the “credentials” painting. Presumably this is what sends Eleven off to find his previous self.

Ten is honeymooning with Liz One when Eleven shows up, along with Doc Hurt soon after, though Moffat only knows why. And then we’re into the story proper.

Doc Hurt fights the Time War and gets the red crystal Moment thingy, with Bad Wolf Rose seemingly somehow involved.

Something timey-wimey happens with two Kate Stewarts and two Osgoods existing simultaneously, unless of course they’re Zygons!

Quite how the Zygons fit into the Time War I don’t know, unless the Daleks are forcing them to infiltrate Gallifrey somehow? At least one character in the show has to turn out to be a Zygon in disguise and my money’s on Osgood.


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4 responses to “A closer look at the trailer

  1. Actually 11s glasses aren’t just brainy specs they actually help him to read and they were Amy’s glasses, so kinda a keepsake too.

  2. Now we know a lot more, having seen the special, but I’m still intrigued about the abandoned structure the War Doctor visits to get privacy from the TARDIS. I assume it’s on Gallifrey and I notice it’s close to some mountains. This gets me thinking of the story the Third Doctor told of the Hermit who lived on a mountain behind his childhood home. Is this ruin his old home? How cool would that be…

    • whopix

      that’s what I thought it was at first, but it just looks like a barn. Bit odd to have a barn in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it’s all that’s left of whatever was on the site, it’s clearly somewhere that the Doctor knows, and has chosen to go to, so it could well be Kanpo’s old hideout!

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