Trailer 2 pix!

It’s taken me a while to get round to this due to other commitments but let’s have a shufti shall we?

there’s another shot of the Gallifrey Blitz
day of the doctor gallifrey blitz

with what looks like ordinary Gallifreyans running for cover
day of the doctor gallifreyans

at some point Ten’s Tardis smashes through a wall
day of the doctor tardis crash

twatting the buggery out of a load of Daleks!
day of the doctor dalek crash

and that’s a thing – Daleks on Gallifrey! At last!
day of the doctor daleks on gallifrey

these blokes look like they must be Time Lords
day of the doctor timelords

anybody any idea where the hell this is? Looks like Gallifrey but can’t be sure…
day of the doctor underground chamber

Clara gets on her bike and rides into the Tardis
day of the doctor tardis motorbike

Rose has died and gone to Heaven, or maybe the Matrix
day of the doctor rose in heaven

this looks like her waving at Ten – so is this the first time they meet?
day of the doctor rose wave

doubt it – that looks like her in the background here when Doc Hurt meets Matt`n`Dave
day of the doctor meet doctors
But Ten is with Liz One so how does Rose fit in? Unless she’s with Doc Hurt from the start…?

Doc Hurt says he’s ready sitting in a leather wing-backed chair so where is this? UNIT?
day of the doctor ready

The three Docs first meet up in the Liz One woods where we get the whole sonic/brainy specs routine, then they all pile into the Tardis
day of the doctor tardis doctors
day of the doctor three doctors

with Dave Ten channeling Pat Two!
day of the doctor redecorated

and then the three of them end up at UNIT
day of the doctor unit doctors

with what looks like two versions of Kate Stewart
day of the doctor two doctors two kates

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