Space and Time Trailer Pix

This isn’t the one that was shown at Comic-Con but still looks great – better late then bloody never!

Loving the recreations of all those old episodes – Zarbi! Mondas Cybermen! Daleks! In COLOUR!


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3 responses to “Space and Time Trailer Pix

  1. Wierd how the sight of a “Tenth Planet ” cyberman in full colour can really get the ‘ole excitement, adrenalin and blood rushing! fantastic. Can’t wait.
    Soooo excited about this coming thurs/sat’s “Who” extravaganza’s.

    • whopix

      me too! actually think I’m looking forward to this more than Day of the Doctor, can’t wait to see all those recreations in COLOUR!

      • abso-blooming-lutely! It’s like my first glimpse into the world of Hartnell/ Troughton, at the age of six, via the mid ’70’s Target “Monster Book,” has been brought to life all over again… But only in full colour and live action!

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