Matt is Doctor #13 – CONFIRMED?

Well, looks like Whopix got it right after all when I said ages ago that Matt Smith was the Thirteenth Doctor as it’s today been – seemingly – confirmed in a report on both the Radio Times and The Daily Mirror sites.

Told ya!

thirteen doctors

Comments on this thread are now closed, as it’s all getting far too tedious and I really can’t be arsed replying to people who can’t see what’s in front of them.

So why don’t you all fuck the fuck off back to GallifreyBase and let’s all just wait and see what the fuck explanation Moff comes up with in fifteen days time.



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27 responses to “Matt is Doctor #13 – CONFIRMED?

  1. steveandrew1

    A couple of minor quibbles: these aren’t really separate reports, they’re both written by Matt Jefferies of the Mirror. He also goes to mention a “source close to the show”. This is always a major red flag to me: a “source close to the show” usually means “the bloke who wrote the article”, ie: Matt Jefferies. I’m not saying he’s just made it all up, but as he’s writing for a British tabloid… I would always take reporting like this with a huge pinch of salt.

    Also, Moffat’s said something connected to this recently, which I agree with. The Time Lord known as The Doctor has had many names and faces, but in-show has always been one character. Titles like “First Doctor”, “Second Doctor” etc have only been used by us, outside of the show. Therefore it makes sense that McGann will always be the Eighth Doctor, Eccleston will always be the Ninth, Tennant the Tenth, Smith the Eleventh, Capaldi the Twelfth. Moffat has said the existence of the War Doctor and Meta-crisis Doctor doesn’t change the numbering because that’s an arbitrary thing only used by us viewers (and real-world merchandising!)

    So yeah, Smith might be the 13th life, but he’ll always be the Eleventh. If only because to call him otherwise will undercut the central in-joke of his first episode being called “The Eleventh Hour”.

    Many apologies, minor sad pedantry is my superpower…

    • whopix

      okay, fair do’s. slightly amended in response. Still think I’m right though…

      • Tina

        actually williams doctor is the original no regeneration happened til he regenerated into the 2nd doctor so….. yeah

      • Tina

        besides in the 50th they called Peter “13” with the line “No sir all 13” cause again William the first doctor isn’t a regeneration so you can’t count him as a regeneration 😛

    • Scifijunky

      Yes. Mat Smith will always be called the 11th Doctor by fans; but as you say, within the confines of the show, Matt Smith is the 13th (and final) incarnation according to Gallifreyan law. Some people like to think that River’s sacrifice in Let’s Kill Hitler gave him more regenerations, but it did not transfer regenerations to him. She merely used up her remaining regeneration energy to heal his wounds. That means he will have to be awarded additional regenerations in some way during the Christmas special in order to survive “the fall of the 11th” at Trenzalore.

  2. Bill Trip

    This is ridiculous. 12 regenerations equals 13 lives so Peter Capaldi is the 13th Doctor. It’s basic math.

    • whopix

      Ridiculuous it isn’t. Since David regenerated twice, 12 regenerations takes you up to Matt Smith. Basic math. Count `em!

      • kitacus

        regenerations implys changing bodies, its a reguvanation….which was tardis assisted, remember there is a difference

      • He used regeneration energy to heal himself, he did not fully regenerate. Meta crisis is not a Gallifreyan he is human

      • emma

        in the day of the doctor they say “all 13 of them” and peter capaldi’s doctor was in the special so if this post was true they would have to have said all 14 and there would have to be two david tennent doctors

      • whopix

        once again, the number of Doctors is different from the number of incarnations they have had. Count `em –

        DOCTORS: Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Tom, Davison, Colin, McCoy, McGann, Hurt, Eccles, Tennant, Smiffy, Capaldi = 13

        That’s why they say “no, all 13”. There are 13 physically distinct Doctors, but that’s different from the number of incarnations he’s had. There are two, identical, Doctors who both look like Tennant.

        That makes 14. And I stand by that and will until Moff tells us all otherwise at Xmas.

        Comments to this thread are now closed.

    • Ian Johnson

      nope….he used all 13 up now…but saying that river song did give up all her regeneration cycles to Mat…..possible breaking the code of a time lord like the master did when he used up all his regeneration’s and found a new fresh body as we saw in the doctor who movie starring Paul Maccan….. so this might be a good way of explaining this regeneration….

      • Tina

        confirmed by Moffat himself!

        1st doctor – not a regeneration – William Hartnell

        2nd doctor – 1st regeneration – Patrick Troughton

        3rd doctor – 2nd regeneration – John Pertwee

        4th doctor – 3rd regeneration – Tom Baker

        5th doctor – 4th regeneration – Peter Davison

        6th doctor – 5th regeneration – Colin Baker

        7th doctor – 6th regeneration – Sylvester McCoy

        8th doctor – 7th regeneration – Paul McGann

        9th doctor – 8th regeneration – John Hurt

        10th doctor – 9th regeneration – Christopher Eccleston

        11th doctor – 10th regeneration – David Tennant

        12th doctor – 11th regeneration – David Tennant (yes into his hand after getting shot by the Dalek, Moffat confirmed this is a regeneration)

        13th doctor – 12th regeneration – Matt Smith

        14th doctor – 13th regeneration – Peter Capaldi

  3. Sean

    Let’s take this a step further. “Brain of Morbius” shows us all those supposed past Doctors. So let’s say they’re all the Doctor, and Tom Baker was the 13th Doctor. The Watcher is a new set of regenerations, making Peter D the 14th Doctor, and spin on to the present – that would make Matt Smith the 20th Doctor, while Capaldi would be the 21st.

    See how ya like that, continuity!

    • whopix

      Ah yes, I wondered how long it would take someone to mention that one…!

      Not long til Xmas!

    • Scifijunky

      Morbius and The Doctor were playing that “game” together, and the Doctor ends up victorious. It has also been conjectured that those other faces were those of Morbius’ previous lives counting back as the Doctor defeats him!

    • Gavin

      “Brain of Morbius”……it makes more sense to think of the faces prior to the first Doctor as being of Morbius. As he’d recently had major surgery his nervous system couldn’t sense that the Doctor was getting the better of him and pushing Morbius back through HIS time stream

  4. Brian

    I just kinda stumbled across this page, but I’ll just leave a few bits of lore here, I don’t remember where I heard them so they’d need to be independently confirmed. That being said, I remember someone mentioning years ago that Colin Baker was considered an incomplete Regeneration because he was on the show for such a short time. Thus Regeneration-wise he would be Doctor 5.5 and Sylvester McCoy would be 6. I’ve also heard it said that all Time Lords were given a new cycle of regenerations at the start of the Time War, because they were expected to die a lot.

    I’ve always believed that the 12 regeneration limit was artificially imposed by the politics of Gallifrey, evidence for this is in both The Deadly Assassin, where the Master is offered a new cycle of regenerations, and in Underworld Where the Minyosians have regenerated over 1000 times each, albeit with the help of machines. Night of the Doctor also made it pretty clear that the Sisterhood of Karn knows the secret to unlimited regenerations.

  5. Beag

    okay, so lets assume that Smith is the 13th. Even if that was “the end of an average time lord’s life-span”, the doctor would still a: have 9 (give or take) regenerations left from river song, or b: could simply take on a new body like the master attempted to do in the paul mcgann movie (especially considering that SPOILER ALERT gallifrey survived as shown in the 50th) although that doesnt seem like something the Doctor would do.

    I know that this article really wasn’t about how many lives left the doctor has, but I just felt that I should include this here.

    • Cat

      Who cares how many there has been or what canon says there could be: any good writer can find a way round canon! I can think of several and I only write in my spare time!

  6. 13th life? Fair argument and one I’d probably agree with. However, he IS the 11th doctor.

  7. marineskibbi

    So the question now is, how will it be solved?
    The limit probably is no longer around as he is the last timelord that it not in a pocket universe.

  8. Don’t forget in Angels Take Manhattan when Smith issues regeneration energy to heal River’s broken wrist. I don’t agree with the Tennant-used-two-regenerations canon but if you do agree with it you have to conclude that Smith used two regeneration cycles too.

    • whopix

      Again, I don’t see that it would require a whole regeneration’s worth of energy to fix a broken wrist.

      And, again, it’s patently obvious to a blind spielsnape that there are two identical Doctors who both look like Tennant. He used up a regeneration in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End.

      If he didn’t, why did he say, quite clearly at the end of the ep. “I’m regenerating”?

      Cannot understand for the life of me why people have a problem with this!!!

  9. To Further Dazzlebeam’s statement, when the 10th doctor Tennant regenerated his hand he was within the 24 hour time limit of the regeneration so it automatically heals him. and we all know river gave him her regenerations, because if she didn’t, she wouldn’t of really died in the library with Tennant, she would of regenerated into someone new.

  10. Randalf

    Potential SPOILERS: Forgetting, from the 50th.. Tom Baker as the Curator tells Smith that he’ll visit his past faces in the future :).. implying there are many more regenerations to come

    • whopix

      yes, the implication seems to be that there are future Doctors who look exactly like the old ones, which implies that, in the future, the Doctor has greater control over the outcome of his regeneration…

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