Moff says Matt is Dr #13!

Scanned from the Xmas Radio Times… and highlighted!

matt smith doctor 13

So there you go. Confirmation that Whopix was right.

Now, can all of you who told me I was wrong please form an orderly queue to post your apologies. Thank you.

thirteen doctors


3 thoughts on “Moff says Matt is Dr #13!

  1. I think he’s saying 13th Doctor as shorthand – this is his 13th incarnation (and therefore “last”), but he’ll still be known as the 11th Doctor (in the non-TV world).

    • yup, agree totally with that, Steve. Just amuses me that, up until recently, nobody except a few thousand of us either knew or cared about a throwaway line from Engin in “The Deadly Assassin” back in 1976!

      • Hah! Yeah the Deadly Assassin has a lot to answer for. I always just assumed it was going to be hand-waved at some point (“I don’t know: 507 lives?”)

        I have a small confession: despite regaining a love for Who in 1989 and my subsequent sadness at having the show cruely taken away… There was a small part of me that was a bit relieved when the Doctor walked off with Ace to unseen off-screen adventures. I thought, “well at least they won’t have to address that whole 13 lives thing!”

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