“Project: Fifty” Fan Film

I came across this teaser trailer for the “Project: Fifty” Fan Film on Vimeo. Whopix isn’t usually a big fan of Fan Films but THIS looks quite intriguing…

The last big Fan Film from Scotland was the Doctor Who/Alien crossover “Besieged“, starring Ryan Hendrick. This looks like something altogether different and on a much smaller scale and has been put together by a group of fans at the University of the West of Scotland.

According to the Fan Film’s Facebook Page it’s going to be chock full of Easter Eggs, in a similar fashion to the sort of thing we got in “The Day of The Doctor”. The Fan Film is billed as something for the Fiftieth Anniversary, which would account for the Easter Eggs, and I reckon there’s one in the teaser trailer itself, the shot of The Dr walking away from camera reminds me of Hartnell doing a similar thing in “Reign of Terror”. Or am I reading too much into it?


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