Yaldy! Capaldi!

Peter Capaldi Doctor Who 12

Well, he’s here! Yaldy! Capaldi!

“Kidneys, I’ve got new kindeys… I don’t like the colour!”

As entrances for Doctors go, that was pretty dramatic, and probably one of the quickest regenerations ever. Couldn’t catch what his second line was but “Do you know how to fly this thing?” is as good as any exit line you could hope for, although his first one was a bit similar to Matt’s “Legs! I’ve still got legs!”

Loved those few brief shots of Capaldi at the controls of the Tardis and Whopix was rather chuffed to be proved right on the whole regeneration numbering thing – still waiting for those apologies though…

Capaldi’s Doctor won’t be quite so wild eyed next Autumn but I’m pleased that he seems to be using his own accent, which is quite an Anglicised Scots voice, much softer than McCoy’s. I think he’s going to be great and it’s going to be a long wait `til Series Eight, so it’s just as well that we’ve got The War Doctor to keep us all occupied in the meantime.

The story itself, The Time of the Doctor, wasn’t the most engaging, and highlights how it’s not always a good idea to have The Doctor at the centre of the story. There were a few good moments, such as Bald Matt, Clara’s Granny, Wooden Cybermen but overall this was a middl-ing adventure that was only really significant for it’s climax. And what a climax it was.

Okay, so it was a bit Deus Ex Machina to have the Timelords give him a whole new regeneration cycle, but what else could Moffat reasonably have done? And it was quite neat how The Silence and The Crack were finally given an explanation and Karen Gillan’s cameo was quite sweet. And then you realise they were both wearing wigs in that scene!

The Matt Smith Doctor was never my favourite but Smiffy proved the doubters wrong and gave as good a performance of an old man in a young man’s body as anyone could expect. His will always be remembered as the Anniversary Doctor, and, as the youngest gives way to the oldest, the next fifty years starts here!



4 thoughts on “Yaldy! Capaldi!

  1. Ohh, that was nice. It wasn’t perfect, but as far as send offs go, it was a belter.

    I came into the show when Tennant was the Doctor, so Smith has been my first new Doctor, and thus the first one I was with from birth ’til death. I’m gutted he’s gone, but I’m excited about Capaldi. Here’s hoping they get Craig Ferguson to play the Master so they can appear on their favorite childhood show together.

  2. I kinda hoped the turkey being cooked by Tardis might’ve been some sort of meta-explanation for the Ergon 😉

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