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The Doctor And The Monsters

Now that we’ve seen what Twelvy is going to look like, if you’re like me you’re already imagining how he’s going to look alongside…

The Daleks…
Doctor Capaldi and The Daleks

The Cybermen…
Doctor Capaldi and The Cybermen

The Sontarans…
Doctor Capaldi and The Sontarans

The Ice Warriors…
Doctor Capaldi and The Ice Warriors

The Zygons…
Doctor Capaldi and The Zygons

and not forgetting The Paternoster Gang!
Doctor Capaldi and The Paternoster Gang


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The New Who Crew

Doctor Who 2014 – Coming Soon!

Doctor Who 2014

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The New Series Doctors

With the unveiling of Capaldi’s Cossie, let the Photoshoppery commence!

Doctor Who 2005 - 2014

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Capaldi Cossie Unveiled!

Capaldi Costume

Here it is, what Dr Capaldi will be wearing when he returns to our screens in August!

Not sure about it, initial reaction is that it’s a bit stripped down, was expecting something a bit more Old School. Looks a bit too “designed” and not at all sure about the “Charles Saatchi” buttoned-up-shirt-with-no-tie look but, if nothing else, you can tell that Capaldi was a Glasgow Art Student! Love that he’s doing The Pertwee Point pose though!

And I hope to hell that’s a waistcoat and not a cardi!

It’s a sort of Sci-Fi Teddyboy look and check those Doc Martens – a “durty big perra bits” as they say in Glasgow, “fur gein’ aw thae monsters a bootin’ in the baws”!

A very Glasgow School of Art “don’t mess wi` me” kind of look, which bodes rather well for the Capaldi Doctor’s character methinks!

I give the new look a 6.5 out of 10


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Steampunk Tardis!

Love the idea of a Steampunk Tardis and hopefully it won’t be too far in the future before we finally get one in the show for real. In the meantime there’s a cracking design by Wonderwig over at DeviantArt…

steampunk console room by wonderwig on deviantart

Best bit about this, apart from the whole Wood`n`Brass aesthetic [and the Gallifreyan rugs!] has to be the Idris glass statue in the centre of the console. That would be CG if it was in the show and I love the idea of it being an interface, allowing the the Doctor to talk to his Sexy Old Girl!


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Dr Who in “The False Planet!

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who False Planet 1Dr Who False Planet 2Dr Who False Planet 3Dr Who False Planet 4Dr Who False Planet 5Dr Who False Planet 6

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Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor

And so it begins!

peter and jenna doctor who

Twelfth body, fourteenth incarnation, thirteenth regeneration. Okay?
So, moving on now…

Can only imagine how Capaldi is feeling now that he’s finally started on his journey as Twelvy. He must be like a kid in a sweetshop at Christmas with his Birthday around the corner and a hot date lined up for afters. Good luck to him! I think he’ll make a fantastic Doctor and I hope they keep the line up as just him and Jenna. I like the whole older Doctor, younger companion vibe, haven’t had that since Eccles.

Next up is all the kerfuffle over what he’s going to wear – put the Who fashion police on standby!

doctor capaldi


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Dr Who in “Dredger”!

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who Dredger 1Dr Who Dredger 2Dr Who Dredger 3Dr Who Dredger 4Dr Who Dredger 5Dr Who Dredger 6Dr Who Dredger 7

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Dr Who in “Double Trouble”!

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who Double Trouble 1Dr Who Double Trouble 2Dr Who Double Trouble 3Dr Who Double Trouble 4Dr Who Double Trouble 5Dr Who Double Trouble 6Dr Who Double Trouble 7



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Dr Who in “The Mutant Strain”!

from the pages of Mighty TV Comic…

Dr Who Mutant Strain 1Dr Who Mutant Strain 2Dr Who Mutant Strain 3Dr Who Mutant Strain 4Dr Who Mutant Strain 5Dr Who Mutant Strain 6


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