John Hurt in “The Ghoul”

If you were wondering where they got that shot of a young John Hurt from for the regeneration in Night of the Doctor, wonder no more!

The image they used of Hurt is from the 1975 horror movie The Ghoul, starring Sixties Dalek Movie Doctor Peter Cushing.

Here is the image used on screen:

john hurt paul mcgann regeneration

and here it is again with the original they used overlaid –

war doctor ghoul 2

and here’s the frame [roughly] from the movie –

john hurt in the ghoul 1975 doctor who

It’s hard to tell exactly which frame the Beeb used but it’s deffo one from this scene, with a bit of Milk jiggery-pokery applied to it. And if you really want to you can watch The Ghoul on YouTube but if you just want to see the scene the above frame was taken from go straight to 1.04.40. You won’t miss much.

The Ghoul also features Stuart “Green Death” Bevan and the bloke from Survivors who was in Warriors on the Cheap.

UPDATE – WRONG, WHOPIX,WRONG! [see Scout’s comments below]


4 thoughts on “John Hurt in “The Ghoul”

  1. Very good try, but it’s not from “The Ghoul”.
    Let’s back up a bit: Doctor Who is a BBC production, wouldn’t it make sense to use an image to which the BBC already holds? Yes, because it’s fiscally responsible, and easy to find. Someone’s not going to scan through the entire film “The Ghoul” for a single frame to use.
    Therefore, it’s a rare publicity shot from “Crime and Punishment”.
    And yes, I do have the photo in question.

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