The War Doctor’s Sonic

Only just found out about this via a review video on YouTube, had no idea it was already out.

war doctor sonic

All the other sonics are now on sale for £9.99 but FP want twenty quid for this – and all it is, is the Fourth Doctor’s sonic with a red bit at the bottom and a light at the end instead of the round thing – what a rip off!

Buy the War Doctor’s Sonic – if yer mug enough – at Forbidden Planet.



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3 responses to “The War Doctor’s Sonic

  1. Perry Armstrong

    Looks like nothing more than a chunky pen.

    • whopix

      It’s just Tom’s sonic with different ends. It’s not that so much as the fact that they want £20 for it when all the others are £9.99!

  2. Sean

    Sir, this is exactly what the production team used for the War Doctor’s sonic to begin with — they bought a Fourth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver toy and made the alterations you see above. This is as screen-accurate as it gets.

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