Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor

And so it begins!

peter and jenna doctor who

Twelfth body, fourteenth incarnation, thirteenth regeneration. Okay?
So, moving on now…

Can only imagine how Capaldi is feeling now that he’s finally started on his journey as Twelvy. He must be like a kid in a sweetshop at Christmas with his Birthday around the corner and a hot date lined up for afters. Good luck to him! I think he’ll make a fantastic Doctor and I hope they keep the line up as just him and Jenna. I like the whole older Doctor, younger companion vibe, haven’t had that since Eccles.

Next up is all the kerfuffle over what he’s going to wear – put the Who fashion police on standby!

doctor capaldi



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4 responses to “Peter Capaldi IS The Doctor

  1. Tina

    confirmed by Moffat himself!

    1st doctor – not a regeneration – William Hartnell

    2nd doctor – 1st regeneration – Patrick Troughton

    3rd doctor – 2nd regeneration – John Pertwee

    4th doctor – 3rd regeneration – Tom Baker

    5th doctor – 4th regeneration – Peter Davison

    6th doctor – 5th regeneration – Colin Baker

    7th doctor – 6th regeneration – Sylvester McCoy

    8th doctor – 7th regeneration – Paul McGann

    9th doctor – 8th regeneration – John Hurt

    10th doctor – 9th regeneration – Christopher Eccleston

    11th doctor – 10th regeneration – David Tennant

    12th doctor – 11th regeneration – David Tennant (yes into his hand after getting shot by the Dalek, Moffat confirmed this is a regeneration)

    13th doctor – 12th regeneration – Matt Smith

    14th doctor – 13th regeneration – Peter Capaldi

  2. Sean

    Technically, I think it is: Twelfth Doctor, thirteenth face, fourteenth incarnation.

    But then, I hate technicalities.

  3. Very much looking forward to seeing him in action and seeing a more mature Doctor again. I liked Tennant and Smith, but it’s time for a little more gravitas, methinks 🙂

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