Steampunk Tardis!

Love the idea of a Steampunk Tardis and hopefully it won’t be too far in the future before we finally get one in the show for real. In the meantime there’s a cracking design by Wonderwig over at DeviantArt…

steampunk console room by wonderwig on deviantart

Best bit about this, apart from the whole Wood`n`Brass aesthetic [and the Gallifreyan rugs!] has to be the Idris glass statue in the centre of the console. That would be CG if it was in the show and I love the idea of it being an interface, allowing the the Doctor to talk to his Sexy Old Girl!


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2 responses to “Steampunk Tardis!

  1. Al

    I don’t like his outer shell of the TARDIS, but this is fantastic. They had it pretty close with McGann’s one.

    • whopix

      With you on that one Al, the interior is great. As for McGann’s, if only it had the wooden walls with the round things that debuted in Masque of Mandragora it would have been pretty much perfect for me.

      Love the current design but when the time comes we are well overdue a Steampunk look!

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