Capaldi Cossie Unveiled!

Capaldi Costume

Here it is, what Dr Capaldi will be wearing when he returns to our screens in August!

Not sure about it, initial reaction is that it’s a bit stripped down, was expecting something a bit more Old School. Looks a bit too “designed” and not at all sure about the “Charles Saatchi” buttoned-up-shirt-with-no-tie look but, if nothing else, you can tell that Capaldi was a Glasgow Art Student! Love that he’s doing The Pertwee Point pose though!

And I hope to hell that’s a waistcoat and not a cardi!

It’s a sort of Sci-Fi Teddyboy look and check those Doc Martens – a “durty big perra bits” as they say in Glasgow, “fur gein’ aw thae monsters a bootin’ in the baws”!

A very Glasgow School of Art “don’t mess wi` me” kind of look, which bodes rather well for the Capaldi Doctor’s character methinks!

I give the new look a 6.5 out of 10


4 thoughts on “Capaldi Cossie Unveiled!

  1. It put me in mind of Pertwee’s cossie, sans frills. He puts me in mind of a magician, actually, which is a rather appropriate look for the Doctor. Not bad.

    I’m hoping they go with the “variations on a theme” style as opposed to “limited wardrobe”.

  2. Between Capaldi’s clomping great boots plus his tendency to ‘run like a girl’ in previous films, I sincerely hope this means an end to the interminable ‘running scenes’ which have plagued the Doctor Who series in recent years (together with the annoying music which had accompanied such scenes). Some episodes involved so much sprinting I thought the BBC might as well have cast a former Olympic athlete in the role.

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