BLOOPERS! – The Daleks

Since yesterday was fifty years to the day that the very first Dalek story finished transmission, here’s all the bloopers I managed to spot in the story!

in this first one, you can see the top of the set…

Daleks Blooper 01

Also, and this is more of a discontinuity than an actual blooper, but where the hell did the Food Machine come from? It’s suddenly appeared in the console room and it wasn’t there in An Unearthly Child! Did the old girl know they’d be hungry?

Next, you can see the TV Studio lights reflected in the panel behind Bill…

Daleks Blooper 02

The advanced civilisation of Gallifrey still relies on plugs and cables!

Daleks Blooper 03

Not only has one of the switches on the console been broken already, that roundel’s looking a bit crinkly…

Daleks Blooper 04

You can’t see it terribly well in this screengrab, but there’s a whacking great moving boom shadow just behind Ian throughout this scene…

Daleks Blooper 05

…and by the time we get to episode two it’s right on his face!

Daleks Blooper 06

In this one, the shadow on the Tardis is a camera, you can see it tilt [ready to take the next shot, a close up of Ganatus] as the camera taking this shot moves to the right

Daleks Blooper 07

Wardrobe! Alydon’s bra strap’s come undone!

Daleks Blooper 08

It’s episode five before we get our next blooper – behind the cardboard cut out Daleks is a sheet, not a wall…

Daleks Blooper 09

If you look, you can see the inflatable rubber ring the “monster” sits on!

Daleks Blooper 10

Here, there’s a boom shadow creeping into shot just behind Susan’s head…

Daleks Blooper 11

This gives away that the rocks are polystyrene – was nobody on hand with a black felt tip just in case this sort of thing happened?

Daleks Blooper 12

What the hell is this “A” on the floor for? Is it to mark a camera position?

Daleks Blooper 13

More tell-tale polystyrene…

Daleks Blooper 14

And to finish, here’s probably the best one of the lot – I know studio space was tight at Lime Grove, but that looks like the Tardis set! So either the lead in to Edge of Destruction was filmed in this studio session, or they were really short of flats to fill up the space!

Daleks Blooper 15


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